Episode-468- Call In Friday 7-2-10

It is Friday so you know what that means another round of your calls with questions, comments and suggestions.  Remember our call in shows are not live, to get you call on the air dial 866-65-THINK and leave your comment or questions in 2 minutes  or less and you might get onto our next show.

Additionally I give priority to calls that come in the morning of these shows and I always send out reminders to our FaceBook Fan Page, so you may want to connect with us there.

Join me today as we take your calls asking…

  • How religious do you have to be about no dog crap in the compost bin
  • How do you prep if you rent a room in a house from a cohabiting home owner
  • Using Google Docs to make your data accessible
  • How to start investing now for a new baby’s future
  • How remote does a good BOL need to be
  • Some facts about the so called swine flu “pandemic”
  • What exactly is compost and what goes in it
  • How do you modify a generator to run on pure ethanol
  • What if the Federal Reserve refused to lend to the government

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11 Responses to Episode-468- Call In Friday 7-2-10

  1. Oh man, I got a mailer daemon failure notice. 🙁 What a bummer.

  2. Modern Survival


    jack @ thesurvivalpodcast.com

  3. You can get alcohol conversion kits from David Blume, He wrote the book Alcohol can be a gas. His website is http://www.permaculture.com The website will answer most questions.

  4. Yeah, I had the address right, but I think it was because the server got smashed with everyone entering the contest. My little daemon said “Sorry, the server took too long to respond. I’ve given up.” So apparently my server is not a survivalist. What a quitter. Hehehe.

  5. Does anyone happen to know which episode Jack was referring to when he mentioned building a compost bin in today’s episode? Is it Ep.407?

  6. How dare you slaughter my Sacred Cow. lol

  7. Modern Survival

    @Patrick, It isn’t an episode there is a 30 minute instructional video on building a composting system in the Members Brigade.

  8. Okay, it’s bugging me and I’ve got to say it.

    Hornets don’t bite – they sting. And unlike the barbed stinger on a honeybee, a single hornet can sting multiple times. (And they will, because they’re sadistic little bastards that sting you for fun, in my opinion.)

  9. Interestingly enough, hornets both bite and sting.

    Only the sting contains venom, the bite just hurts.

    The more you know!

  10. Modern Survival


    You are correct, fire ants do the same thing, (evil little pricks). Anyone doubting it hold on with forceps and allow the mouth to touch your forearm but not the stinger. You will soon feel the truth behind what Pemmin says.

  11. bushpilot807

    If you need to kill bees without spraying nasty poisons all around, try the following, which I got from an old-time beekeeper.

    Mix one cup of liquid dishwashing liquid with a gallon of water, put it in a garden sprayer (you know, the kind with an air pump in the top) and spray the bees with it. They will drop from the air like they were shot. I had occassion to try it on some hornets that thought they owned our rear deck, and I was amazed at how well it worked.