Episode-466- Start Thinking about Fall Gardening

What?  What the hell is wrong with Jack?  Here we are it is just about to be the 4th of July, the “dog days” of August are still over a month away and I want to talk about fall?  Yes indeed officially “fall” or autumn begins on the 21st of September with the autumnal equinox but when I think about fall gardening I use September 1st as my starting point.   Sure it is still hot in many places but the turn of the seasons can be felt already, the days are noticeably shorter, the sun’s angle has begun decline and most fall/winter crops can manage for a few weeks until cooler weather arrives.

But why now, what should you be thinking about for fall in July?  Glad you asked, join me today as we discuss…

  • Starting plants indoors or in shade, yes really
  • Finding your first frost date, isn’t this like spring in reverse
  • Time to grow those plants that can’t handle your heat
  • Some beans don’t produce well in heat but they can grow in it
  • A few frost tolerant crops to plant in the early fall
    • Cress
    • Spinach
    • Lettuces
    • Radishes
    • Garlic/onion
    • Peas
    • Carrots
    • Broccoli
    • Cabbabge
    • Calendula
    • Swiss chard
    • Beets
  • The evil squash vine borers are almost done laying eggs, quick plant now
  • If you have multiple beds start planning come cover crops for winter
  • Is it time to build that green house perhaps one with shade
  • Tomatoes?  Now?  Perhaps
  • Peppers in pots
  • Surviving the first and second frost really extends a season
  • Fire up the canner and dehydrator

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5 Responses to Episode-466- Start Thinking about Fall Gardening

  1. Jack- you mentioned that onions and garlic are not good near beans and peas. Perhaps you could do part of a show (unless you already did it, in which case please let me know) on companion planting.

    As you mentioned, the growing season in Maine is somewhat less than that in Texas.

    Have a great day!


  2. Another great show, everybody like me in the north – michigan here. We are looking fall gardening right in the face with average frost in late sept or early oct. Jack once again being proactive, thanks.

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  4. When you talk about gardening your enthusiasm is contagious. I always get excited. Currently I’m in a 400 sq ft apartment in a downtown urban area, so my gardening options are limited. But someday I’ll have the capability. Great show.

  5. @Brad-look up container gardening for some ideas. It’s a great option for renters.