Episode-433- Setting Up A Bug Out Location

Based on the response from yesterday I am going to do a show today on setting up a BOL (bug out location).  This should be a good show and will differ from previous shows on the subject as I will be discussing far more about what to do with the location than how to choose it and what to look for in its selection.  Though we will cover a bit of that to make the episode complete.

Join me today as we discuss…

  • What is a bug out location and what is its purpose?
  • Why being to remote can back fire
  • The value of a line of sight neighbor
  • Interviewing neighbors before you buy
  • On remote land you have hide everything you can’t bring in with you
  • The one thing you never want at a BOL
  • Balancing the risks vs. the reward of neighbors
  • Wild life and wild plants
  • Permanent crops and blend them into the surroundings
  • The advantages of underground structures
  • The steel container (the good, bad and ugly)
  • Water on property is golden (even seasonal)
  • The RV and the Storage Facility not ideal but damn good
  • Guns, ammo, trapping gear and fishing equipment
  • Seeds, gardening supplies and fertilizer
  • Go with long term storage food for everything short of a few weeks
  • All in all I prefer a very small community to a isolated retreat

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11 Responses to Episode-433- Setting Up A Bug Out Location

  1. You are so right about neighbors. I have two neighbors that I feel would be great allies, but then there’s the one a*s.. if anything happens, he’d be our biggest problem no doubt about it. Our homestead is probably what most people would want to have as a “bugout” location, but we are still keeping an eye out for a bugout place. With two small children, our first efforts would be to bug-IN if at all possible. However, we have found some short-term bugout options including small towns where we could go stay in a hotel, and also made arrangements with a friend who is further north in a rural location in the event that we need a longer-term arrangement. The goal is to have our own place that might even (eventually) become our place of retirement.

  2. Anyone considered large underground water tanks for a concealed bugout shelter. Some are quite large and there may be ways to connect several together for more room. Ideas?

  3. Do you think the big cement sewage pipes would stand-up to the Texas clay? What do you think is the best way to have a large storage facility underground in Texas?

  4. Has anyone heard of a dug out garden? Someone just told me that he has a garden at his BOL that is about 40 feet x 30 feet and is 8 feet down in the ground. Never heard of something like that.

  5. minnpatriot

    Hey spatin

    search the book “The $50 & Up Underground House Book” i would post a link but the webmaster may think iam advertising. search survivalists on youtube and you will find a video by http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aN7wpSvV7Yg&feature=related part 3 and 4 its near the end of part 3 that the author of the above mentioned book is interviewed. The interview also shows his underground home and garden. please let me know if this was helpful to you.

  6. Minnpatriot – that was pretty interesting. I see that my library has the book, so I’ll get on the hold list for that one. Interesting video. Thanks for the info.

  7. MinnPatriot

    Spatin-you are very welcome, I am glad to be of help.

  8. Great episode. I’ve spent few months setting up my BOL and I can say that you covered many of the things that I am realizing are good things for setting one up.


  9. Crispy Critter

    When speaking with potential neighbors, ask them about weather extremes and nuisance animal populations. I made sure that my BOL is well away from flash flood zones as well as feral hog runs, but my line-of-sight neighbor was able to tell me about other concerns such as crows and straight-line storm winds vs. prevailing winds which changed some of my plans for out-buildings and crop selections.

  10. blackfedora

    An extremely useful reference is “Cartographies of Danger” by Syracuse University geography professor Mark Monmonier. It was an immense help in searching for my retreat (wound up in SW Virginia ten years ago).

  11. Bobby Gervais

    The book referred to by blackfedora is available in the month of may as a free ebook download from the university of chicago press. check it out at: http://www.press.uchicago.edu/ebooks/free_ebook.html