Episode-430- The Core Concepts of Modern Survivalism

thought it might be a good time to just back up a bit and talk about some the unique concepts that we have developed together at The Survival Podcast.  Notice I said we not I because from day one the audience has been a huge part of not just the show but its’ development, direction and evolution.

Tune in today as I discuss…

  • Why made “The Grasshopper and the Ant” part of modern survivalism
  • A quick retelling of the original story of the Grasshopper and the Ant
  • How disaster commonality can eliminate worrying about exactly “what” we prepare for
  • What must we accept if we are to become prepared
  • Why the media shows us horrors but always then says, “everything is just fine”
  • Why and how the abundance in our stores isn’t abundant at all
  • Why we can’t rely on government during a disaster even though they do try to help
  • Why the economy can’t recover long term with out a complete overhaul (crash)
  • Why conspiracy theorists are not always wrong even when they aren’t right either
  • Three questions that open the door to discuss prepping with others
    • Do you think we could ever have a real pandemic?
    • Do you think that if we did they would quarantine people?
    • If that happened how long could you stay well fed and comfortable?
  • Why debt and survivalism are mutually exclusive
  • Why preparing for a specific event, eventually leads to failure
  • Why preparing for nothing to go wrong is the way to prepare for anything that goes wrong
  • What do you want, what do you really want, what if God asked you to be happy?

Resources for today’s show…

4 Responses to Episode-430- The Core Concepts of Modern Survivalism

  1. Great show. I’ve have some small children and want to know if any of the “Aesop’s Fables” books have the original grasshopper and ant story?

  2. Here’s a new ant and grasshopper story for the current times:


  3. GREAT show as usual. :>) I liked the part of the what makes you happy and what do you really want and the part about GOD standing there telling you that he wants you to be happy.

    WAY COOL!!!!!!! Thanks Jack.

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