Episode-419- Feedback, Articles and Commentary for 4-19-10

I am going to try to start making the feedback shows more engaging with a lot of different sources.  So today we have your questions by email, your feedback by phone, some interesting news stories and even some audio off of Youtube on money creation to help answer one of your questions.

Join me today as we discuss…

  • What about making your own solar panels
  • Should a young grad buy land even if they are not ready to build
  • How do you set priorities and “pull it all together”
  • Exactly how is money created by “lending it into existence”
  • CITI Pays back the loans to the government, what does it mean
  • Are you contributing to “the systems” with credit cards if you pay your balance in full
  • A simple additive to improve the life of your vehicle
  • A Icelandic volcano disrupts Europe’s food chain
  • Who feeds the world, industrial agriculture of peasant farmers
  • How do you transport silver & gold long distances
  • Window Farms – and idea who’s time has come
  • Can you grow guavas in New Mexico

Additional Resources for Today’s Show

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17 Responses to Episode-419- Feedback, Articles and Commentary for 4-19-10

  1. Haven’t listed to the episode yet. Just wanted to point out that the show numbers this week match the dates – cool!

  2. HA – guess I should’ve started listening first before posting my previous comment!

  3. Another great show, Jack.
    On the topic of transporting silver and gold, I kept waiting for you to say one thing and you never got to it.
    Lets imagine two situations.
    1) You are transporting $10,000 in gold from place A to place B.
    2) You are transporting your family from place A to place B.
    You already spotted my point didn’t you?
    Most people forget how precious their cargo is every day.
    That said, you made a good point about a fire resistant box.
    Anyway, like I said, another great show and great links. I will be sharing that YouTube about money creation with some people I have been trying to explain that to for at least three years. Maybe they’ll get it if it comes from someone else.
    Keep Rockin Jack!

  4. Hey Jack

    For your Peasant Farmer T-Shirt…. I Feed 70% of the world population


  5. Just a silver lining on the Citi-group tax cuts. They are not paying as much into the beast.

    On transports, just a few ideas. Have a decoy give away. It is like having $2K in your right pocket and $20 in your left pocket in case you get mugged. Second, have the valuables buried inconspicuously, and get lo-jack for the vehicle so if on the off chance your vehicle is stolen you have a fair chance of recovery before the valuables are found.

  6. Jack,

    Here is a link to a review that claims the Earth4Energy solar panel construction information, which you linked to, is a scam:


    Could you give some feedback on this? Have you personally purchased this product?


  7. Modern Survival

    @Dan so because some guy with a chip on his shoulder says it is a scam it is a scam? Because affiliates make a few bucks reselling it, it is a scam?

    Yes I bought it, I paid full price for it and I got more than my money’s worth for it. The information is solid, the diagrams are accurate and none of the information is in any way inaccurate.

    If I were the creator of the content I would sue the shit out of the son of a bitch at nlcpr.com for slander. How’s that for my feedback?

    Even his line by line rebuttal is full of shit! For instance he says,

    “You cannot build your own solar cells anymore than you can make your own plasma TV.”

    Well E4E NEVER claims to show you how to do that AS I SAID IN MY SHOW TODAY. They claim to show you how to build panels and save money vs. buying them, they do a great job of doing just that. You can buy slightly blemished cells on ebay for a big discount and build your own panels. It isn’t for everyone and they won’t meet the outputs of professionally built panels but you can create them for a fraction of the cost.

    There isn’t a single claim made by E4E they don’t meet. Buy it if you want and if you can show me where they fail to meet even one promise I will refund your money myself.

    The person running NLPCR.com is like most site owners today, can’t make a fricken dime online because he doesn’t have a clue how to do that and feels anyone making money must be scamming people.

    This actually really pisses me off, what a prick. Note that he calls them a scam but fails to prove even one actual point where they claim anything and don’t deliver. What an assclown!

  8. Billy The Kid

    Here’s the link to that report Jack mentioned in the who feeds the world segment:


  9. I live in Finland, so we have some ash in our upper athmosphere. It is almost impossible to notice from the ground, and it doesn\\\’t air quality on the surface.

    Our airspace has been pretty much shut down from Thursday (there were some rushed flights yesterday) and met office said that it will be so at least till tomorrow morning.

    One of our military planes was flying when the ash arrived and the pilots didn\\\’t notice anything, but they had to land when engines started to overheat. As customary in cases like that, they did a checkup and found out that the engine had molten glass inside. Story with pics of the engine, mil website in finnish http://www.ilmavoimat.fi/index.php?id=1149)

    Authorities are saying that the flight ban might affect things like organ transplants, medicines with short shelf-life and some random stuff like roses from Kenya (oh, what loss those roses would be ;))

    So the ash cloud does not affect things much for the \\"ordinary people\\" (at least not yet). But sort of combining with it we are having workers strike in different industries.

    Stevedores did one earlier this year, it was kinda short and effects didn\\\’t really show because shops had some stores.

    Food industry workers did strike about a week or two ago and that was worse, some stores ran out of things like most popular bread brands, minced meat and other processed stuff. Some of the effects did combine with the stevadores strike, so the situation was not good to begin with.

    Shop workers were on strike last week, but they are not so organized and some shops stayed open.

    The second food industry strike will begin tonight and my guess is that this time it will really be felt as shops are really low on their supplies in some stuff.

    I just wanted to mention these things as they all pile on top of each other and combined effects are worse than any one of them separate.

    And finally some advice. Store some food and learn to bake because the systems really are quite easy to break 🙂

  10. Oh, and I forgot. Reuters did some questimate scenarios of what could happen with the volcano http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSLDE63I1VO20100419

    Worth reading because there is a ton of interconnected stuff that I hadnt thought about earlier.

  11. Jack,

    Thanks for the feedback on E4E! I had a hunch that this was the case, but just wanted make sure.

    Great podcast!

  12. Jack,

    It’s nice to hear your show improving now that you have more time to focus on it. I definitely think the quality is increasing!

  13. “If God didn’t want me to eat animals, he wouldn’t have made them out of meat.”

    Classic. I like this one myself:

    “There’s a place on earth for all of God’s creatures. Right next to the mashed potatoes.”

  14. Modern Survival


    Never heard that second one, I LOVE IT. Expect to hear it on the show at some point.

  15. Jack, how about this one?

    “Everyone should believe in something.

    I believe I should eat some more deer!”

  16. Sorry, I agree with Dan and http://www.nlcpr.com/Deceptions6.php that you\’ve been duped by a scam site. They are the type of instructions kids buy out of the back of comic books for \"Make you own hovercraft!\" They are okay for toying around with and for a science demonstration but the advertising is deceptive.

  17. For those wanting to construct solar panels themselves there are plenty of other instructions you don’t have to purchase — these are a good start: