Episode-414- Jack on the Baldy and the Blonde Show

Well even though I am on the road today I do have a show for you today.  Today I am playing a rebroadcast of the Baldy and the Blonde Show from WGSO 990AM in New Orleans, LA.

They gave me a great interview discussing the first five tenents of the Modern Survival Philosophy and Modern Survivalism as a method of early retirement.

Please Note – There may not be a show every day this week because I will be traveling working on the next edition of the martial arts DVD series of Ballistic Striking – With Val Riazanov

I really recommend checking out Baldy and the Blonde’s website and you may even want to listen to the entire show from the date of my interview.  They covered a new Senate bill

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3 Responses to Episode-414- Jack on the Baldy and the Blonde Show

  1. Hey Jack, FWIW, thank you for all your efforts to make sure we have our daily dose of TSP. Your dedication and hard work is greatly appreciated!

  2. Thanks for the show reminder. I have been looking around your website since Sat. 4/3/2010 when I heard you on Baldie and the Blonde. I live in New Orleans. I was very impressed. Our wake up call was Katrina. Even though we live in Algiers on the westbank and did not have any flooding, we still had to stay away for over 5-6 weeks. It is so wonderful to see that there are others out there that see the handwriting on the wall. So thanks again for being there. I plan on joining the brigade because there is so much useful information on your site.

  3. I love that Baldy and the Blonde zeroed in on the importance and meaning of your core tennents!