Episode-405- Starting Plants from Seeds

I have gotten a lot of questions from people who are looking to start plants from seeds vs. buying plants at the nursery.  Many have struggled for a variety of reasons so I am dedicating most of today’s show to help you master the skill of taking tiny seeds and turning them into food and medicine producing plants.

Join me today as we discuss…

  • Understanding how seeds germinate in the wild (this answers so many questions)
  • What are the needs of a seed
  • Why starting indoors is a good idea
  • You need light, window light generally won’t cut it
  • Building a simple grow light
  • Mist watering and watering from the bottom
  • Creating constant temperatures
  • Culling and “pricking out”
  • Starting seeds in pots that are generally considered “direct sow”
  • Seeds that should almost always be direct sowed
  • Hardening off seeds
  • Potting up the why and how
  • Holding back in ground planting until you are sure
  • Mulch is your friend

Additional Resources for Today’s Show

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7 Responses to Episode-405- Starting Plants from Seeds

  1. Excited to listen to this one Jack! I have my onions seeds started and my peppers, but i’m ready to learn how to do this better. thanks for the show.

  2. Note on potting up plants

    squeeze the root ball of the plant to be potted up before placing in larger container.

    Why… I suppose it breaks up the root ball a little bit, don’t really know but plants with root balls squeezed always seem to do better.

    Experiance [ 6 years working in a nursery ]

  3. Guarddog1757

    Perfect timing Jack! Started two flats of seed pots 3 days ago and so far everything I’ve done matches your advice. Gives me confidence I’m on the right track. Great show.

  4. Possenti2264

    So many times during this show I laughed and said \"that\’s me!\"

    I think this is one of your best, most helpful, and most appropriately timed shows out of the 400+.

  5. I have 72 plants started about 3 weeks ago! My Pablanos just got about an inch tall! I have been trying to grow food 3 years now, and feel confident we will make it this year!

  6. Am I the only one who noticed that a bunch of videos about growing pot come up under Jack’s youtube videos!

    Good show Jack, this is good timing for me. I am trying to get some plants going inside to extend my season here. Thanks buddy.

  7. Great Show, really like it. the new mic sounds great