Episode-398- Listener Feedback for 3-15-10

Well we are back from Arkansas where we had a great mini vacation.  We spent 4 days hiking about 5-6 miles a day and even wore out Max, the survival podcast dog, which isn’t easy to do.  So today we are back with your questions and commentary on articles and other things sent in by the audience.

Tune in today as we discuss…

  • New MSB supporting vendor Honeyville Grains will be given 10% off to all MSB vendors
  • Social Security now has to cash in Federal IOUs, what will that mean for us
  • Lessons learned from fruit trees lost during a hurricane
  • What is the right rifle action to start learning with and why
  • Are 0% financing programs on cars legitimate
  • Do travel trailers and and RVs make a good prep item
  • Are GMO producers finally being held accountable for damaging the crops of other farmers

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4 Responses to Episode-398- Listener Feedback for 3-15-10

  1. RV Comment – Check out teardrop campers. Wonderful vehicles. Check out the teardrop camper thread in the ‘Camping’ Forum

  2. Dang, Jack. Thank you for the mention. 🙂 🙂

  3. As a person working and dependent on elkhart, thanks for the RV plug

  4. Jack,

    I was searching through old podcasts for an answer to a specific question and thought I would make a suggestion. On listener feedback shows you frequently list all the questions for the day. I would suggest you add a time stamp next to those questions so that people listening to the show can jump to a specific spot if they\’re just looking for that answer.

    I don\’t know if thats too much trouble but it was something that crossed my mind as I searching through some feedback shows for a particular answer.