Episode-351- An Interview with Bill Wilson about Permaculutre

Join me today as I interview Bill Wilson of Midwest Permaculture to discuss the concept of Permaculture and the commonalities between the Permaculture and Survivalist communities.  Bill is an amazing guy that followed his dream, walked away from a career and created something special.

Join us Today as we Discuss…

  • How Midwest Permaculture came to be
  • What exactly is Permaculture
  • The importance of planning in Permaculture vs. agriculture
  • The training available from Midwest Permaculture
  • What are some of the long term threats we face
  • How can Permaculture address and prevent potential threats to our survival
  • What is a rain garden and how can you build one
  • How much oil is really left (you have got to hear this one)
  • Why Permaculture as a solution vs. other options
  • Who created Permaculture and why it is a true revolution in the traditional sense of the word
  • How many people can be fed with as little as two acres of well managed land
  • Why we all should have green houses in temperate climates

Resources for today’s show…

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7 Responses to Episode-351- An Interview with Bill Wilson about Permaculutre

  1. Awesome show! Love that permaculture stuff. I’ll be checking out the midwestpermaculture site.

    thanks, Bill and Jack!

  2. PS. Just checked out the site at listened to the first four segments of the YouTube videos Bill mentioned that are already posted. Great stuff… can’t wait for the rest to be posted.

    Midwest Permaculture Home

  3. Great show…
    About the need to create community and not wake up one day and realize “where is everybody”.
    That’s the hardest part I think. I’ve woken up and said that same thing. Where are my comrades in this? It’s very very hard to ‘create’ a neighborhood in this process… to end up getting a group close at hand that does, as you both said, create the most security (and it most fun and affordable). Has anyone done this well – beyond just with one’s family? I find it very difficult and continue to find a large peice of land with multiple good house sites, so maybe – just maybe – my friends and people with similar approaches will take part. It’s not possible when we are 20 minute drives+ from one another who are endeavoring toward the same approach as we are. We need to be walking distance I think, to activate the possibilities mentioned, like shared infrastructure and deep security.

  4. Awesome show. I’m going to try to go to the april course in Detroit! Sounds awesome! Thanks for turning my life around!

    BTW I think you forgot to turn “record” off at the end of the show. There was like 5 minutes of “off the air” conversation after the traditional show ending.

  5. Great show, great interview. The need to create community really made an impact on me.

  6. Jack, Peak Oil is not the threat, Peak Government is. In the 1850\\\\\\\’s we faced Peak Whale Oil, alternatives came forth. Now the Federal Government spikes alternatives (coal and nuclear) while we waste oil making electricity. You are on target, wait until Peak Government creates Peak Food.

  7. I understand that peak oil is accurate and that we are now past the point of peak oil. I understand many of the current events have to do with this downturn and it won’t be long before the main stream media and population wake up and understand what is going on. For me and my family, we are preparing for the life after the crash.