Episode-342- Alternative Ways to Evaluate Property

If you talk to most good real estate agents you will get great advice on buying property, IF, you want buy a typical house in the city or suburbs with the intent of moving every 5 years.  Yet if you want somethign to sculpt, to create something unique with, a place to really LIVE, here are some alternative things to consider.

Tune in today as we discuss…

  • If you have paid for real estate that you live in it doesn’t matter if property values drop
  • Growing areas are NOT good places to buy a home
  • Why you want natural water on property and some alternative ways to get it
  • What are micro climates and how can they be utilized
  • Thoughts about wildlife on your property the good and the bad
  • Evaluating things on property that would take 10 or more years to create
  • Flat land is not always good land, some slopes are desirable
  • Evaluating the micro and macro community before becoming a part of them
  • The advantages of near by public lands like national forests, state game lands, etc
  • Is the area live stock friendly, do you want it to be
  • No HOAs, HOAs are evil creations that avocate your liberty
  • What is a community covenant, the anti thesis of an HOA
  • What can a property become is more important that what it is right now

Resources for today’s show…

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7 Responses to Episode-342- Alternative Ways to Evaluate Property

  1. Jack,

    Great show today. Just an FYI. In the show bullet points, you say, \"HOAs are evil and ADVOCATE your liberty.\" Surely a typo brother!!!

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Ram pump plans and description

    Ram pumps use the energy of a creek/river to lift water. They are cheap, simple, noisy, easy to maintain, but have to be cleared every few days.

    This whole discussion ignores water rights, EPA and other environmental restrictions. So if you are going to do these things, you are probably breaking a rule so be very discrete.

  3. Hey Jack, great show.
    In the libertarian/government land/parks issue.
    I’m on your side 100%.
    I’m as hard core libertarian as anyone and would love to see a purely voluntary society, but right now we have what we have. As long as our taxes are taken from us and we’re forced to support the overlords we have, the parks/forest system, much like the highways or fire/police services, should be used. All of these services are paid for by stealing our taxes at the point of a gun. But if my house catches on fire, I’m calling 911. Why wouldn’t I? I’ve already paid for it 1000x over. I would prefer private voluntary contracts, but we have the current system and we already paid for it.
    So I would love to have land backed up to Fed land as long as its not something they will try to take from me later.
    I don’t recognize the “right” of public land, but I understand the fact that a tax gun is pointed at my chest. May as well enjoy the free soup that goes with the Fed’s gun.

    Plus, if the time comes that the whole mess comes tumbling down and all the perfect libertarian dreams come true, it will be easier to homestead the land that the government abandons if its right next to you.
    Keep fighting the fight!

  4. On evaluating the usefulness of a well:
    The static level (level at which the water is when no pumping occurs) is also very important to know, as this is the depth to which you need to pull from (change in elevation, thus power needed). Flow rate of well indicates how much you can actually get, also important.

  5. …perfect timing for us to receive this info .. we’ve actually been doing some online shopping for land for a bug-out location and possible future residence. Like you, we like the Arkansas area and have spent a lot of recreation time in the Ouachita Mt. area. We plan to make a detour on the way to visit our family this year to check out an area to see what we think of the nearby town. I’ve already started my list and added some new considerations based on your advice. Thanks for your help.

  6. Jack-

    I enjoyed the show, as always. You seem to routinely include some new nugget of information or a new way of thinking about an issue that keeps me coming back daily.

    “Marauder” was trying to be helpful, but unfortunately he was wrong. The word you may have intended to use is “abrogate”. (Sorry, old English teachers don’t die and they don’t ever fade away, either…..)

    Anyway, keep up the great job and best wishes for your success in the coming year when you go full-time.

  7. Jack,
    I love the new look of the forums. Keep up the great work. I am looking forward to your jump in Jan. I know not as much as you, but thank you. Also my son Ray thanks for the advice on podcasting. His eyes got so hugh when he heard you answering his question on air.