Episode-338- Global Economics and Food Shortages

Today it is time for a change up.  We are going to look at 8 news stories some here in the US and others around the world and see what they tell us about what we can expect to see in coming years.

Tune in today as we discuss…

  • Excessive Inflation in China – Story Link
  • Unemployment benefits extension buried in a “defense spending bill” – Story Link
  • Federal Government backdoors billions in tax breaks to CITI Bank in return for TARP repayment- Story Link
  • The Federal Government can now break up a bank for being to big to fail- Story Link
  • Ben Bernanke is Times “Man of the Year”  WTF – Story Link
  • Schiff says the economic recovery is a farce – Story Link
  • Britain will have a bleak future with many food shortages – Story Link
  • Food prices in India up 19% due to a grain shortage – Story Link

Resources for today’s show…

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4 Responses to Episode-338- Global Economics and Food Shortages

  1. Way to go Jack! Outstanding podcast! This was reminiscent of some of your earlier episodes. It’s good to see some continuity from one podcast to another over the last few weeks.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Great show! I love Jack’s perspective on things like this.

  3. Political Atheist

    another great show Jack. frankly, I don\’t know how anyone can\’t see how economic/political analysis isn\’t important to the prepper community. I mean how the heck do they think we GOT to the point where we need to be prepping in the first place? Its certainly not the result of fiscal responsibility and excellent stewardship of this country.

  4. It is clear that our president and Bernake should both share the Nobel price in physics (and of course economics), in addition to the peace prize. Why? They must have jointly discovered the secrets of perpetual motion – it’s the only possible way that they could be powering the money presses to allow for money to be printed at the rate it’s being done in our country.