Episode-322- The True Wealth of Land Ownership

Today we discuss another tenet of modern survival philosophy, that of “owning land it true wealth”.  My view is that many simply do not truly understand what that means and how special it is that the U.S. still has and was built on the right to own private property, for all, not just “nobles”.

Tune in today as we discuss…

  • How private property in America was seen vs. the feudal system that was in place in much of the world all the way up to and in some cases past 1900
  • It was land that brought early settlers to America
  • Why land is the real “store of value” for all time far more so then gold, etc.
  • The attack on land ownership and why governments love cities and suburbs
  • The Ag Zoning trap and how it kills small farms and creates mega commerical farming that destroys land
  • Why you should own land out of the city limits and own more then one piece
  • The value of livestock even just a few smaller animals
  • What owning your lands production means
  • How to use land to build a local barter economy
  • Bartering production for skills and learning skills so we don’t loose them to the ravages of time
  • Learning to do more with smaller tracts of land to truly beat the system
  • How to make it happen and become a land owner

Resources for today’s show…

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3 Responses to Episode-322- The True Wealth of Land Ownership

  1. Excellent show. I think that this show has truly motivated me to put the investigation of purchasing a piece of land on the 2010 list. We’ve talked of it in the past, but we will look into this in earnest. Thanks for the motivation! Question – based on your experience in looking at land did you ever consider foreclosures, auctions, sherrif sales, etc.? Or, did you find these avenues of purchase to be more trouble than they are worth? Thanks for any suggestions or experiences you might share.

  2. deon freshwater

    Jack, thanks for making it easy for us to vote every day.
    It only takes a second especially with the provided link.
    The fact that you knock yourself out to do your show every day means a lot to me, I hope you win!!

  3. Hi Jack. That #322 was a good one, especially since I am thinking about buying some property for my retirement hide out.