Episode-314- Planning to Bug In

So if the SHTF in most instances you plan to bug in, you have your generator, you have your food, you have a means of defense and you are prepared for whatever may come, or are you.  Today we step back a bit from the obvious and from some common thinking that isn’t very realistic to examine how prepared we are for bugging in.  Please note even if you “bug out” you are going to another location and once you get there, guess what you are going to be doing, bugging in of course.

Join in today as we discuss…

  • Two new eBooks free for Support Brigade Members
  • Storing food for everyone possibly even some for neighbors and definitely for your pets and stock
  • The need for personal hygiene products, bigger then you might think it is
  • Back up power sources both short and long term
  • The advantages and failings of generators
  • Why you need to plan to keep the garden growing
  • The need for and functionality of “security protocols” including during increased threat periods
  • Why you need to quickly contact all family/close friends at the beginning of a SHTF especially if you are bugging in
  • The importance of taking an inventory and sorting into needs, good to have and don’t need it at all
  • How inventory and sorting will help you in barter situations
  • Keeping communications up as long as possible including radio, TV, Ham, MURS, etc.
  • The importance of maintaining a sense of normalcy during a bug in
  • How drills are about more then finding weaknesses, they are also about acclamation

Resources for today’s show…

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6 Responses to Episode-314- Planning to Bug In

  1. Just ’cause you didn’t mention it on the show today (at least, not that I heard), and it ought to be said: Happy Birthday, Jarheads (that’d be MARINES to those of you who aren’t up to snuff on that sort of thing).

    If you haven’t done it yet today, you oughta go out and thank your favorite marine for doing what they do.

    And Jack? Great show today.

  2. Jack,
    I have been listened since about 250, only been prepping for about 1.5 years. i have 5 children, i really appreciated your consideration towards the children today, code words and such for gun, normalcy. you rock, Jack!

  3. The aquaponics ebook just sold me on the MSB. Actually, it’s just the straw that broke the camel’s back, last nail in the coffin, etc.

    Great episode!

  4. Part of the reason for our health issues is from deodorents sprayed on our skin. Yes toilet paper is nice.. but if you had to use newspaper vs. Food, I\’ll take food. If things get tough you\’ll be happy to have bark to eat. I remember y2K and people were trying to maintain the same quality of life during a crisis. I had pasta, rice, beans, barley, etc..
    and if things got really bad, one could survive.
    There is a magnetic flywheel that turns any car into a power generator. it also actss as a starter.

  5. Mounting solar panels on windmill towers has a lot of down side. Turbulance from the solar panels can cause blade failure. wind loading on a tower could be the straw the broke the camels back. And eventually windmills let go and
    self distruct. that would make you lose not only the windmill, but the solar panals. Then you have the potential of a flying blade taking out the solar cells. In fact although the potential power of a windmill is the square of the diameter,
    smaller windmills turn faster and turn the generator to produce higher voltages with out gearing, which in turn uses up power.
    If you had say 4 smaller windmills vs. on big one, you will at least have some power .

  6. Jack, in your podcast, you mentioned a battery backup system. Can you please do a show on this. I know nothing about it. I live on a hill in western pa with lots of wind. I’d like to do a windmill sort of energy generator. As you know in western pa, there’s not a lot of sun, but generally when it’s not windy, there’s a sunny day. So I’d like to combine some wind/solar type of system but I don’t know anything about the battery backup thing.

    Much appreciated,