Episode-309- 10 Thoughts on Rural Living

OK folks I am back from the Arkansas Bug Out Location from our mini vacation.  It was great as always and Dorothy and I really had a great opportunity to learn, think and plan for our very near future.  So today I thought I would share what we experienced with you.

Additionally the house keeping segment was a bit long today but for two reasons.

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The main topic of today’s show is the advantages of country living so tune in today to hear my thoughts on…

  • In the country you are surrounded by teachers
  • The “freedom to walk” and what that really means
  • How people are different and the same
  • Why in the country words like silence and noise have new meanings
  • Why we seem to be naturally content with less stuff in the country vs the city
  • Why we feel less exposed to danger in rural life
  • How recreational activities like shooting don’t attract the police
  • Improvements in mental and physical health when you live in the country
  • Why country living isn’t for everyone and how some people
  • How all of these things are actually directly tied to prepping and self suffiency
  • Why preppers value their lives more then the average Joe
  • Why most people just don’t understand the quest for self suffiency

Resources for today’s show…

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6 Responses to Episode-309- 10 Thoughts on Rural Living

  1. Right on Jack!
    I noticed the same things when i moved from Florida to the Ozarks

  2. So Jack, have you had any more issues with that neighbor who called the cops on you?

  3. Modern Survival


    No that was 10 years and two houses ago, I think ironically she actually left the city to move to rural Kentucky. Hope she took an open mind with her when she did, ;>)

  4. Jack, the solution for getting rid of nosy neighbors is to raise pigs in your backyard. Nosy neighbors are a pigs tasty delight.

  5. We were out shooting this past Saturday at a friend’s place. They have 7 or 8 acres, we live in a township (so it’s perfectly legal), were shooting safely with a proper backstop, waited until about 1:30pm to start and were finished by 3:15pm. The people whose house we were shooting at deliberatly moved out to the country to do this sort of thing and have lived there for 42 years. Just as we were packing things up the new neighbor (lived there about 2 years) comes by to tell us how he didn’t move out in the country to hear all of this shooting, was going to take action, etc. Now, we know some of the local township police and have verified that what we were doing was fine – we even called one of these guys after the fact and he offered to go out and educate this neighbor. My suggestion to the group was instead of mouthing off back to the guy or engaging in a “back at you” sort of move, call him up before we practice again and invite him on over. I really think that once people try it out a good percentage will get hooked or at least have a better appreciation for what you’re doing. The more people we can convert to thinking they way Jack talks about on his podcats, the better.

    The funny thing is that as soon as we stopped, the other neighbor started sighting in his slug gun – he happens to be in the local fire department. Not the guy you want ticked off at you should you ever need him.

  6. This episode reminds me of the writings of Calvin Rutstrum. From “Once Upon A Wilderness”: “Most people living in urban centers are so attuned to mechanical noises, the quiet of the wilderness can be initially distressing. This, of course, is a form of neurosis. Need for accustomed noise can be a craving comparable to a victim’s need for narcotics.”