Episode-301- Self Sufficiency vs. Self Reliance

So exactly what does it mean to be self reliant vs. being self sufficient?  How are the two different and how are they related and how does one interact with the other.  More importantly how do they effect you and you planning both for disaster preparations and independence.

Tune in Today as We Ask…

  • What is self reliance
  • What is self sufficiency
  • Why would you want to be self reliant
  • Why would you want to be self sufficient
  • What are degrees of self sufficiency
  • What is healthy interdependence
  • Why are concepts like self sufficiency part of our nation at its core
  • How much self sufficiency do you want
  • How much self reliance do you have, are you deceiving yourself and have you tested yourself
  • How have we lost touch with the innate desire for self sufficiency and reliance
  • How can you apply these concepts to your daily lifestyle

Resources for today’s show…

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5 Responses to Episode-301- Self Sufficiency vs. Self Reliance

  1. Wow, a very thought provoking podcast!
    Gave me a different perspective on the goals I’m working toward.

    Speaking of the Derveas family, on Oct. 21, 2009 they posted a short 4 minute video with an article by the Los Angeles Magazine Online Extra at their site:http://urbanhomestead.org/journal/

    Thanks, Jack, for all you continue to do!

  2. Hey Jack, Love your show!! Really great work! Reading some info on one of your sponsors, Tactical Response. There is a statement made in the FAQ’s that PayPal is anti-gun..? Do you if this is true and are we doing enough to spread the word about the internet..? I’d never heard this before…Thanks TJ DirtTime in Wyoming..? Long walk from San Bernandino…=)

  3. Jack, Have you read “One Second After” by William R Forstchen…Sounds like you..=)

  4. Modern Survival


    I love James Yeager and Tac Response is a great sponsor of the show but on the Paypay is anti gun thing they are just flat wrong. This is the danger of the Internet folks, myths and worse myths that appear to be true.

    If you view PayPal’s firearms policies, they clearly state that they do not support payments for firearms. However, they also do not permit transactions for tobacco products, switchblades, pharmaceuticals, Native American artifacts, “mature audience” items, or dozens of other regulated items and substances that present a potential legal liability listed in their ‘acceptable use’ section.

    I think this decision is designed to limit their liability and minimize exposure to their shareholders by minimizing their risk. I don’t believe that a business choosing to limit their liability makes them “anti” anything.

    PayPal is no more “anti-gun” than they are “anti-smoking”, or “anti-drinking” because they also decline to permit transactions in tobacco or alcohol products.

    Oh and if you still think Paypal is anti gun and “refuse to use them”, then you better refuse to use eBay as well. You can’t sell guns on eBay and eBay owns Paypal, yet no one calls eBay anti gun. People really need to think more before they start rumors, especially ones like this one.

  5. Brilliant. One of your best episodes ever.