Episode-293- Economic Forecast 10-08-09

So today we are going to discuss my view of what we can expect from the economy in the next few years and what we can do to prepare for it.  I will tell you why I think 2010 is actually going to look pretty decent and on the other side why you shouldn’t take that much comfor in it.  Then next week we will take a day to compare my view to the view of many of the experts such as Jim Rodgers and Gerald Celente.

Tune in today to hear…

  • Why I think we are about to see a fake recovery followed by a bigger crash
  • The stimulus doesn’t kick in until 2010, how it will succeed and how it will fail
  • Unemployment is “bottoming” the truth and the lies about that statement
  • This coming bubble and collapse is planned, I will explain why there is no other option then this one
  • Credit cards can’t fix a debt problem and how that relates to our national deficit
  • How the impact of Health Care won’t be seen until late 2011 perhaps longer and the disaster it will create
  • The coming 1.5 Trillion Dollar tax increase from the  administration that promised not to do it
  • How high taxes reduce the amount of tax government collects and what it does to the economy
  • Why inflation looks like recovery at the beginning
  • Why you need to own at least some silver and or gold
  • Land is cheap, go make a low ball offer while you can
  • Store food, build your own grocery store at home
  • Spend smart don’t horde money, balance your assets
  • Place priority of spending on assets with long term value
  • Keep some cash, don’t believe the lies about putting all cash into gold right now
  • Debt is evil, always in good times and bad
  • Never be 100% invested in any item or investment type
  • Do not liquidate IRAs and 401ks modify their portfolios but leave the money in the vehicles
  • Above all never “freak out”, make smart and strategic spending and saving decision you do have time to act,  don’t panic and react to swiftly to concerns

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6 Responses to Episode-293- Economic Forecast 10-08-09

  1. I enjoy your shows on the economy Jack… keep em’ coming!

  2. I enjoy them, too. I pulled my money out of the stock funds in my 401k (put it in money market fund in 401k) a few weeks ago because I am not sure what to do with it.

    I’m going to have to do some research on what to invest in. I wish I had enough to buy something like a rental for the account. That would keep (in theory) its value and make a steady income, too.

  3. Thank you Jack for all of the indepth information you gave on this subject. Many of the items you covered are subjects of discussion for my wife and I. I have heard Gerald Celente and he is very discriptive of what he sees coming. I will be looking forward to next week and the follow up on these issues. I did need to take some time to digest what you said and move away from it for a time. I am looking at retiring from my present job in two years and my wife and I are presently making some big decisions to improve our home, financial situation, decrease debt and bring up our growing skills as well as build a pantry of food stuffs and needed supplies. The forum has been a great source of information and ideas.

    As you say, a person cannot cover all bases at all times but I look at the calendar and see time flying by. Got to get off the pot as they say and shake a leg.

    Thank you Jack

  4. toolittletoolate

    Have to agree with you on Gerald Celente.
    Another person of interest is Adrian Salbuchi from
    Argentina,one that has “been there and done that”

  5. Political Atheist

    Hey Jack, I LOVE your economic analysis and and I think you’re spot on. I’d love to hear more shows in the future because I think preservation of capital and how to combat the ass clown policies in DC are every bit as much survival and sustainability as beans, bullets and bandages. Keep up the great work!

  6. Political Atheist

    P.S. Ditto on Celente. You guys probably recognize my handle is a \"celente-ism\". Dr. Salbucci would be a great guest because i think we are headed in a similar direction as Argentina and would like to know what to expect.