Episode-287- Advantages of Homesteading Small Land Tracts

This is the first time I have ever fully covered the topic of homesteading small land tracts (1-2 acres) and many of their inherent advantages.  I think today will be a great show and get you thinking and may be rethinking that “place in the country”.

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Tune in today as we discuss…

  • The ease of small land management
  • Improving soil on poor land is much easier on a small scale
  • Smaller tracts have lower tax burdens
  • Small tracts are easy and inexpensive to fully fence or mostly fence in
  • 1 Acre can provide more food then most people can use
  • It is easy to install “impactful surface water”
  • You quickly can learn the “pulse of your land”
  • Small land tracts are easier to defend if necessary
  • In a rural area under some circumstances small may still feel big
  • Consider buying land that borders conservation land, state forest or land that is not suited for development
  • Consider how the land lays out, a narrow strip is not as useful as mostly square plot
  • Consider the direct and indirect community before you buy
  • No HOAs, ever they are the Devil!  I am not kidding
  • Seek land unlikely to be annexed or effected by imminent domain

Resources for today’s show…

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5 Responses to Episode-287- Advantages of Homesteading Small Land Tracts

  1. Another note on Imminent domain… check to see if the back road you are on would make a good bypass around the town or city. This happened to my brother-in-law.

  2. Excellent show. You’re absolutely correct on the potential of smaller homesteads. We have 13 raised beds, another 40’x50′ row garden area, berry patch which has a dozen blueberry bushes, 15 red raspberry bushes, half dozen blackberry bushes, and 75 strawberry plants, several outbuildings, room for substantial firewood storage and HAVE NOT SCRACTED THE SURFACE of what we can do on our property – it’s 1.78 acres! To build on the security advantages you mentioned – it’s much easier to build a sense of community with when you’re on a smaller plot and can walk from property to property. My neighbors all have at least 1.5 acres – if we could agree to take advantage of our contiguous properties the possibilties are huge. As for cows on small acreage, Dexter’s are supposed to be ideal.

  3. I really hope Jack’s analysis is correct regarding camps and Fema etc… but regardless I’m keeping a pulse on this.

    Hardin, Montana under siege!

  4. A few shows back I asked about powdered half’n’half for coffee. No such product that I can find, but here is a link to an article about getting the fat back into powdered milk – might make a product that is better substitute than powdered milk alone:


  5. If we had done only one thing it would have made all the difference in the world: talking to the neighbors first. We would have found out how big a P.I.T.A. the next door neighbor is because the developer of our lot didn’t sell to him at a steep discount. He’s tried several attempts to make us want to move.