Episode-273- The Last Pure Form Of Revolution

It isn’t done in the ballot box choosing the proverbial “lesser of two evils” and calling a congress clown doesn’t seem to mean much anymore either.  You can’t do it by force and you can’t do it just by cutting your spending.  When you really look at the world today it would seem that the powers that be are the only powers that matter, that there is nothing left for us to use to take back power with, but there is one place we can make a stand and still matter.

Where you ask?  Is there some new third party to support?  Some new legislation that will put government in place or allow the small guy to compete with the big guys again?  Or a new leader that can help us take back what we have lost?  Perhaps a protest movement we can join and have our voices finally heard?  No none of these have any real power any longer save for stopping the occasional acute threat, to be heard now we must reclaim power.

The power lies in the production of our own food via means such as

  • aquaculture
  • permaculture
  • gardening
  • small live stock
  • foraging
  • hunting
  • etc

This is the one place left where the average person can take action right now, this second and make a difference for themselves today with little to no financial cost.  The big lie we are hearing now is that your one little garden doesn’t matter, it is a lie.  The powerful entities in today’s world only resist what they fear.  Today I will tell you why they fear your garden and how much power it really gives you.

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24 Responses to Episode-273- The Last Pure Form Of Revolution

  1. Preach on brother Jack preach on.Good show oh the truth hurts.

  2. Jack, might have been your BEST show ever. Thank you.

  3. Great show Jack, kind of an \"in your face\" don\’t let them get you down pep talk. Well done.

  4. This is your best yet, Jack. Everybody please share it far and wide. I listened to it while I cleaned lettuce seed. If you spend some time on utube looking at cob buildings, rocket stoves, earthbag construction, earthships, etc.; I think you will start to question government’s ability to control the shelter part of the equation. The problem, more precisely, is our present form of land ownership, zoning & building codes, etc. The woods are full of illegal buildings. Some are awful shacks; some are inspiring, comfortable and gorgeous.

  5. Wonderful show… gotta share this one…

  6. I passed this on to 30 in my email list. I is like to “light a candle instead of cursing the darkness ” ! Thanks for your insite.

  7. Excellent podcast!

    Last night we feasted on a salad from our greenhouse of 2 kinds of lettuce, cucumbers, green pepper, and tomatoes. Then I made some muffins with freshly ground whole wheat flour, zuchini that I grew, applesauce that I canned last year and eggs that came from the hens that I raised. I cannot express the satisfaction that I felt.

    Have you considered selling t-shirts that say “Resistance is fertile” and showing the raised trowel? I would buy some.

  8. Excellent podcast today Jack. It was very inspirational and very true. It really makes me ill when I think about how many ways we are taxed – for everything! I will be sharing this podcast in hopes to inspire others and wake them up a little bit!

  9. Modern Survival

    @Mary Rahn

    The raised trowel and “Resistance is Fertile” concept to me is the creation of Jules Dervaes. I would never sort of hi-jack their brand. I THINK they have some stuff you can buy with that theme on them. Their website is http://pathtofreedom.com/ now if I had their blessing I would consider integrating some of that with TSP stuff. I have contacted them a few times for various reasons but have not heard back yet.

  10. Modern Survival

    They do have some cool shirts in their store, I am going to get a few. http://www.peddlerswagon.com/p-260-homegrown-revolution-t-shirt-mens.aspx

  11. I have a sales tax on my food in Mississippi. LAME. TAX TAX TAX

  12. There is nothing better than growing your own food. I had a huge Yukon Gold harvest. My kids were so proud. They carry the potatoes around like trophies.

  13. Jack,
    You are a modern day Sam Adams. Our only weapons against the nanny state are self sufficiency and jury nullification. I have been meaning to introduce my FiL to your podcast and did so last night. He is already an ant and is now addicted to the Survival podcast.

  14. This was one of your best shows ever! I am a master gardener, we are wroking towards as much self sufficiency as possible, so I believe in everything you are saying…BUT, I never could express it the way it would make sense to anyone. You made everything click! Thanks.

  15. Awesome Jack – that\’s the truth. Speak it. Thank you!

  16. I am intersted in your take and “prediction” for the health care sh#&. I know they call it a crisis, but we also know what they say about a crisis.

  17. Thanks for the show, when wonder whether are 10% gardens matter I was reminded of this.

    “Nobody Ever Kicks A Dead Dog” – Robert Maynard Hutchins

  18. I too was inspired by the Dervaes family to start a “homegrown revolution” however we would now like to move to a more rural area where it won’t take 30 years to pay off our mortgage. Can you believe the first realtor we contacted told us our “mini-farm” would be a deterrent to potential buyers! We are still debating on whether to leave for greener pastures or stay here and make a go of our quarter acre suburban homestead. Other than gardening, I think it is overlooked that parents can resist by pulling their children out of the public school system. From Pre-k to University our children are being brainwashed by the government and not being taught the truth in textbooks.

  19. This is the best you have done. Another group that is helping you grow your own food is the Mittleider Method Gardening. They have a group on yahoo but they have a web site where you can get free help on starting out. The group answers the questions about what if this happens, and have you had this happen, type things. The web site has free green house plans as well. I grew for the first time here this summer. Before everything just wouldn’t grow. The man that leads the group goes around the world teaching folks how to do this. Past the grow your own food, how about reusing, and repurposing this is another way on not having to pay the man. Remaking an adult shirt for a child, reusing the cereal boxes for say magazine or pattern holders. (DH’s Rifleman are in matching magazine holders and they can grab and go for the information inside.) This post got me to thinking. Thanks.

  20. BEST SHOW EVER. Am passing it on right now.

  21. Thank you Jack! Great podcast! I was listening to you while watching my son and husband build a square foot garden outside my kitchen window. We built a chicken coop last weekend and a rabbit hutch the weekend before that one! Both will be partially sitting over our new compost pile. Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement.

  22. **UPDATE** Hey Jack – My husband’s boss (a doctor) became a “hard-core prepper” after hearing about it from my husband and reading a couple of books we recommended to him (Patriots & One Second After). He started stock piling food and supplies but wouldn’t listen to us tell him about the importance of gardening. I had told him about your podcast but he hadn’t listened to it until Episode 273 which just happens to talk about the importance of gardening. He has now converted to learning how to be self-sufficient instead of buying his way to survival. Another one bites the dust! Good job!

  23. Excellent episode! I’m actually taking the chance and forwarding this to friends and family which I have not done in the past because I feel that they don’t see that there is anything wrong with the “system”.

    Keep up the GREAT work! I will be contributing soon. Work and jobs are hard to come by at this point, so $$ is tight.


  24. This show should be the introduction show for people to listen to!
    Jack best show yet! I am a few shows behind right now but outstanding show and I am sharing this one to people getting fed up with the direction this country is going and people that are wondering why I am doing what I am doing.
    Fantastic show again and a real rally cry in this one!