Episode-271- Jack on the James Talmage Stevens Show

I am taking Labor Day off today and spending mostly time in the pool with the family.  However, this Saturday I did a guest spot on “Family Preparedness Radio” with James Stevens and he has graciously agreed to permit me to rebroadcast it.

I hope you enjoy it and even if you tuned in there is an almost 45 additional minutes that were not broadcast live so you may want to listen to the additional content.

Hope you enjoy it and I will be back tomorrow.

7 Responses to Episode-271- Jack on the James Talmage Stevens Show

  1. Jack, can you post a link to James’ blog and the “yellow pages” he mentioned. Thanks

  2. Modern Survival

    James’ blog – http://familypreparednessguide.com/

    Preparedness Yellow Pages – http://www.preparednessyellowpages.com/

  3. I tried to stay online and listen after the end of the show, but there was an annoying “BlogRadio” advertisement that played over your conversation… that is why I finally left and stopped listening.

    Really enjoyed the interview… thanks for putting this on for us on the holiday!

  4. I loved this interview. There is always something new that I haven\’t heard before when you two get together. Can\’t wait to get the new JTS book, Back to Basics. Also eagerly waiting to see what you will come up with. There is a world of common sense living info on this site. I hope you will write it down before it all gets lost in the shuffle. Some of us need to see this stuff in print for future reference for it to do us any good! Thanks for the opportunities to learn.

  5. the audio quality was very poor on this episode. Ive listened to the last 100 or so episodes, and this one was by far the worst. It was just way too low volume. When I have my ipod volume cranked all the way up, and the volume on my stereo turned all the way up and I still can’t hear what Jack or the guest are saying over the sound of my vehicle there is a problem with the podcast.

  6. Newb Survivalist

    I am bummed that I logged off when I thought the show was over. next time I will definitely stay on longer next time. Thank you for fielding my question.

    You and James have a great chemistry on his show. It is a good listen. Thanks for your hard work on The Survival Podcast. I am a happy listener.

    -newb survivalist.

  7. Jack, I saw that episode of House Hunters you talked about on the show. They did buy the $2.9 million house, but they negotiated the price down to $1.5 million. For what that’s worth.