Episode-265- An Interview with Johnny Maxx and The Queen

Tune in today for an interview with Johnny Maxx and The Queen, (aka John and Tammy McKissack) who are the host of “The Self Sufficient Homestead” and co hosts of “BrewCrazy“.

Join in today as we discuss a variety fo subjects and projects John and Tammy are working on in at their south Texas homestead such as…

  • What is up with today’s bumper music
  • Hydroponics
  • The perpetual onion
  • Making “lazy mans cider”
  • Keeping bees and making mead
  • Why debt free is the way to be
  • What dealing with multiple hurricanes taught them
  • The cost of running a generator over a few weeks
  • Why savings really matter when the chips are down
  • Price gouging in a SHTF
  • Keeping chickens
  • Alternative energy
  • And of course a little bit about beer

5 Responses to Episode-265- An Interview with Johnny Maxx and The Queen

  1. epi-00265

    I was not able to get an option to “save target as” for this mp3 file. The mp3 will open in mediaplayer but I can not download it to play it in my vehicle CD player. Did you do something different on this one? How can I download the program to play it in my car? Thanks and I enjoy your show.

  2. What a fun podcast… the talk seemed to flow along very well. I loved hearing about the adventures of Johnny Max and the Queen…

    Thanks very much!

  3. Modern Survival


    I am not sure why you are having that issue but nothing is different the actual hard link to the episode is

    [audio src="http://survivalpodcast.net/audio/aug-o9/epi-00264-the-core-concepts-of-modern-survivalism.mp3" /]

    Hate to say it but the issue must be on your end.

  4. Thanx for sharing JOHNNY MAX AND THE QUEEN with us checked out the SS HOMESTEAD a fun show to listen in on .

  5. I agree, fun show! Hey, I make beer for my husband too…it’s fun 🙂 I’d like to hear more about what people are doing on small pieces of land. Wish they had photos on their site of what their set up looks like.