Episode-2375- Brian Norton on CBDs Effect on Systemic Inflamation — 9 Comments

    • There is a discount for MSB in the benefits section already.  For non MSB until Brian clarifies exactly what the discount it, you gotta wait.  Still waiting on a response from him on that.

  1. This is probably a stupid question, but he mentioned the THC limit as .003. Now, that may be a small amount, but it‘s not zero.

    Has any research been done as to whether using CBD oil will affect a hair and urine drug test? That would be important to know for those of us subject to drug testing at work.

    I‘ve heard a lot of people talking about CBD, but I‘ve never heard this addressed.

  2. The level of THC a crop can have in it ( or a product) is less than .003 to be concidered HEMP not cannabis. To be federally compliant the crop must be certified by the USDA

    Federally compliant full extract hemp derived cbd oils may contain lots of different cannabiods, but will contain a MAX of .003 THC.

    I don’t use full extract. I use CBD isolate. It is just CBD and nothing else. It is distilled to .9984 purity. The 16/1000 of not CBD is the carrier it was distilled from.

    “Drug” tests test for THC. The threshold for a positive is way higher than zero, but the limit is variable depending on who is paying for the test. Be careful. If you are using full extract oils and are in a sensitive position.

  3. Catching up here… good show.

    Thanks Brian for putting this info out and your history of helping med patients.

    And down the rabbit hole we go…  quick points:  I like how your first cbd guest highlighted, to be sure your product is sourced domestically, and never use cbd products from china.

    I love that Brian mentioned the “entourage effect,” which to be clear isn’t just holistic consumption of CBD, CBDN, THC, THCV, etc and on and on cannabinoids, but also the myriad terpenes found in various strains of plants.  In fact the terpene, Myrcene, which carries a more narcotic effect increases cell permeability and allows cannabinoids to be absorbed faster.  Myrcene is often attributed to the fuely or diesel smell/taste in some strains of cannabis, and is why these strains are more popular regionally where opioid addiction is rampant.  Strains of Myrcene rich cannabis has shown to help some people break their opioid addictions over time.

    So, full plant extract or flower vs isolate?  I know what I’d prefer, but the laws are what they are, albeit silly and frustrating.

    It’s true we are on the precipice of understanding since studies of the plant have been illegal for years, but the more we learn the more these silly laws might change.  Thanks for another liberating show!


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