Episode-2061- Homesteading Later in Life

Originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma, Thecia lived, as a child in various Oklahoma towns and briefly in Venezuela.

She married a military man and moved to Alaska, then Texas, remarried and moved to California before finally returning to northeast Oklahoma.

Thecia has two grown boys and two grandchildren. She now lives with her last husband on forty acres of reclaimed coal pits that were strip mined in the eighties.

Thecia and Tom are now trying to learn the art of homesteading while they are now in their fifties.  Thecia joins us today to discuss starting to homestead later in life and what it is like to be the prepper in the family as a woman.

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2 Responses to Episode-2061- Homesteading Later in Life

  1. Very timely. As I approach 54 I have to work smarter. Living in a cold climate, hauling wood, 22 raised beds, and two greenhouses; and single.

    Looking forward to this one

  2. Just finished listening, I like she finished, with the theme of if you get a little down or overwhelmed, take a break, then get right back at it. As I listened, I made Paleo Zucchini Muffins, put a chicken in the oven and now prepping for Thai Zucchini Curry. Excellent interview Jack and Thecia