Episode-207- Survival Podcast Audience Questions 5-27-09

We are continuing a series of listener questions today.   Since it was done from the “mobile studio” there are no call ins or anything.  These are all questions sent in by email, asked in comments, asked on the survival forum, etc.

I would like to do this type of show for the rest of the week so if you want to have a question answered send me an email to jack@thesurvivalpodcast.com with the subject line “question for Jack”

Tune in to hear me answer these questions today…

  • What do you do with sod if you want to kill the lawn and go with 100% functional/edible landscape?
  • Do I own dogs if so which breeds and why?
  • Which dogs are best for protection which for hunting?
  • What is a good caliber for a pistol-rifle combination and why?
  • What is the harsh reality of field dressing large game?
  • How do you keep from “going over the edge” with survivalism?
  • What are some ideas for survival planning for apartment dwellers?
  • What are some less thought of uses for paracord?
  • How do you find a survival minded spouse or how do you flip one you already have?
  • Should you have your own survival seed bank?

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6 Responses to Episode-207- Survival Podcast Audience Questions 5-27-09

  1. Jack good show.Also i think that you can still use dogs for black bear hunting in ARK not sure about this there was a big dispute 6 or 7 years ago.But the last time i checked 2 years ago there was still a black bear season .

  2. Ah,the survival minded spouse dilema! JACK, you freekin’ genius, last week, I was pecking a reply on the Survival Podcast forum & the Missus looked over my shoulder and wrinkled her nose. I calmly explained the difference between a survivalist and a militia wacko and gave her your “Helping You Live The Life You Want, If Times Get Tough, Or Even If They Don’t” explanation and she understood immediately.
    Quite frankly, she was already on board & simply didn’t know the terminology, so to speak. She gardens, hunts, and loves firearms, specifically Western style single action pistols and lever action rifles. Oh yeah, she was an Army medic & EMT rated, so first aid is covered at our hacienda.

  3. A. Wiggins

    Organic mulch would be best for killing the lawn, but you could also use old carpeting if you do not have organic mulch available. Should be loads of that around for the taking – people that re-carpet would love for you to take it away. If you put some organic mulch underneath the carpet, all the better.

  4. Petrograde

    Hey Jack,
    How about commenting more on N. Korea,.. and the possibility of an EMP strike?

  5. TrashCanMan

    Great show again, Jack. Really enjoyed the Q&A shows this week. 🙂

    FYI, this podcast came up titled 206 and not 207 on iTunes when it downloaded for me.

  6. Name(required)

    A show tailored to prepping an apartment or HOA condo/town home would be interesting. Serving on the HOA board really gives you a vehicle to involve neighbors in preparedness. I’m thinking about promoting re landscaping our HOA common areas to include a permaculture plan. Also thinking about having the HOA cache some tools for rescue as we are in earthquake country.