Episode-206- Survival Podcast Audience Questions 5-26-09

Today I decided to do another audience questions show.   Since it was done from the “mobile studio” there are no call ins or anything.  These are all questions sent in by email, asked in comments, asked on the survival forum, etc.

I would like to do more of these types of shows if you want to have a question answered send me an email to jack@thesurvivalpodcast.com with the subject line “question for Jack”

Tune in to hear me answer these questions today…

  • Will you be able to get to your bug out location (BOL) if TSHTF?
  • How do you get the old versions of The Survival Podcast?
  • How can prepping be helpful in a minor family emergency?
  • Is there irony in being a survivalist and being a libertarian?
  • If you move permanently to your BOL do you loose an advantage and what can you do about it?
  • Do safety deposit boxes have a place in modern survivalism, why or why not?
  • Should you ever “bug out” to the national forest?
  • What about shipping containers for a bug out structure?
  • Should you keep money in foreign currencies and foreign banks?

Resources for Today’s Show

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4 Responses to Episode-206- Survival Podcast Audience Questions 5-26-09

  1. Hi Jack,

    It feels like summer is here. I think the grasshoppers are going back to there play!

    I mean, the propaganda machine is in full swing, telling us that we are turning the corner with the economy. “The consumer confidence is up”.

    I think you should talk about taking advantage of summer to split wood and stock the basement.

    I think many people came to your site looking for last minute preping ideas, when they thought the day of reckoning was eminent. Now that the Swine Flu seams to have been an overreaction (for now), and the guvment says the econ is A-OK, we should grab the credit card and go to Macy’s (if your mall still exists).

  2. their play!

    Sorry, I can’t edit the comment above.

  3. A. Wiggins

    There is always someone like Ben! Chill out!

  4. Chin Lip Kee

    It is not easy to prepared a good bug out. If it is due to economy crisis then the slide would be gradual, as it reach a mid level whereby we don’t need to evacuate but society would have broken down to 3rd world level. There would be theft of everything, even the fencing would be torn down to sell as scrap. So it is very difficult to defend a bug out, the cost of making it ready & protected would be prohibitive. It would be easier to stake out a piece of forest to retreat into during a crisis. If we mark out a forest & carefully plan for all eventualities then it could easily be defended. It need a hundred fully train/equip soldiers to catch a guerrilla.