Episode-205- Survival Podcast Audience Questions 5-22-09

I decided to do an audience questions show today.  Since it was done from the “mobile studio” there are no call ins or anything.  These are all questions sent in by email, asked in comments, asked on the survival forum, etc.

Tune in to hear me answer these questions today…

  • Should owners of city real estate hold out or cut losses and sell now?
  • Is renting to own a good option?
  • Is the mobile/RV approach better then owning property?
  • Are the small “family farms” going to return?
  • Will second/third tier cities grow as large cities decline in population?
  • What is the percentage of chance that swine flu becomes very serious this winter?
  • Will real “small houses” (under 500 sf) come into vogue in the near future?
  • Is it okay to compost non organic food from stores, if you do are you still growing organically?
  • Is my truck a diesel like my car?  Why or why not?
  • Will I take a “stand” on tamiflu is is good or bad?
  • Is the ammo shortage or is the government behind it as a passive form of gun control?

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3 Responses to Episode-205- Survival Podcast Audience Questions 5-22-09

  1. Hi Jack,

    I asked a question on yesterday’s show, but then you posted this show an hour later. I don’t know if you look back at old responses, so I will ask again here.

    You keep saying that you might move permanently to your bug-out location. Doesn’t this defeat the added security of having a “backup place” to go?

    And, on another note, are you going to teach your kids to invest in a property at a good distance from your home, which could be mutually beneficial as bug-out options? (you had said before that using relative’s homes as bug-out locations might not be perfect, but your own kids might work, especially if they “understand” things.)

  2. Jack good show i went a little nuts on ammo but not to bad.I got 300 rounds of 38 special some for target practice but 100 of these you haft to have for a ccw class.I go out and shoot 20-50 rounds a month anyway.Were i live there is a endless supply of 357 sig and 41 mag ammo.What is going on with the post office i read in a local paper that they were laying off 25000 employees.

  3. Talkin kinda fast. I end up zoning out sometimes…