Episode-203- The 12 Permaculture Design Principles

Today we discuss the 12 principles of permaculture design and how they can be stated in more tactical or business minded views to make them a bit more concrete for some.

Tune in today to hear the 12 Permaculture Design Principles and Alternative Views of Them…

  1. Observe and Interact – or – Be a Part of Things
  2. Catch and Store Energy – or – Be an Ant not a Grasshopper
  3. Obtain a Yield – or – Get an ROI on Your Efforts
  4. Apply Self Regulation and Accept Feedback – or – Don’t Kill the Golden Goose
  5. Use and Value Resources and Services – or -Be Efficient to Become Independent
  6. Produce No Waste – or – Make Use of Everything
  7. Design from Patterns to Details – or -Be an Artist and Step Back for a Longer View
  8. Integrate Rather than Segregate – or -Understand the Power of Teams
  9. Use Small and Slow Solutions – or – Focus On What You Can Do First
  10. Use and Value Diversity – or – Practice Risk Reduction
  11. Use Edges and Value the Marginal – or – Seek Alliances Not Conflicts
  12. use Creativity and Adapt to Change – or – Improvise, Adapt and Overcome

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3 Responses to Episode-203- The 12 Permaculture Design Principles

  1. Hippy comune-ism works, Marxist-Leninism and state scosialism doesn’t. I think that’s the gap we need to cross with our permaculture tactical allies.

  2. I meant socialism… Can’t type & eat a cold slice of pizza at the same time 🙂

  3. I REALLY like the way Jack tied it all together at the end, with politics/lifestyle and all. He’s just stinkin amazing! Thanks, Jack!