Episode-246- Episode 2 of The Colony and Getting Started Prepping

Today on The Survival Podcast in the intro segment we do a review of episode two of “The Colony” a new disaster based reality show from The Discovery channel.  After that we do our housekeeping and I tell you about a great sale from Safe Castle LLC on Mountain house and we then move into the topic of getting stated with your prepping or taking it to a new level.

On getting started we start out with the three pillars to forming a modern survival plan, threat probability, threat impact and disaster commonality.

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4 Responses to Episode-246- Episode 2 of The Colony and Getting Started Prepping

  1. Please take a look at my site on starting prepping. I originally wrote it for my family but I did put some effort into it. The formatting is bad and I need to update some of the links including a link to the survival podcast.


  2. Right on with the assessment on the Colony. I still think the outsiders would be more aggressive trying to take what they have and the place needs to be more fortified.

    • It definitely needs more security to it. I just do think they can ever pull it off as anything close to reality because everyone knows it isn't real. If they get in a real jam the producers help them, even says that in fine print at the end. I like it though I think we can learn a lot. Darkwinter says it has his wife more on board with prepping then he has ever been able to get her, so I think it is helping people.

  3. Please take a look at my web page on starting prepping: http://www.prepareordie.com/

    The formatting sucks and I need to update the links including a link to The Survival Podcast.