Episode-1992- An Outsider Turned Insider’s View of Government Schools

Author Gregory Cecil, M.A.S. worked as a paramedic for 22 years before changing careers and becoming an aerospace technician. Gregory went to work as a Senior Aero-composite Technician for the Space Shuttle Program 3 months after graduating from school, and worked on all three remaining space shuttles.

During his time there, Gregory earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. After he was laid off from the Space Shuttle Program, Gregory became a Florida State Certified Educator and taught high and middle school science in both public and private schools.

In 2014, Gregory started a aerospace education consulting company called AeroSTEM Consulting to assist aerospace companies with their K-12 outreach. In April of 2015, SpaceTEC contracted with Gregory and AeroSTEM Consulting to create and implement their outreach program to secondary school students called Schools-to-Space and to run it as their National Coordinator.

Schools-to-Space’s mission is to introduce students to the STEM career of an Nationally Certified Aerospace Technician and has taught several teacher workshops and presented to schools all across the nation.

Gregory is also an adjunct professor for the Everglades University Aviation Graduate Program.

Gregory is the author of the book, “Classroom Laboratory at the Edge of Space: Introducing the Mini-Cube Program,” a book that gives a step-by-step guide for STEM instructors (both public and private), and home school parents that allows their students to send experiments/technology projects to the “edge of space” 100,000 feet in altitude (20 miles).

Gregory currently resides in Clearwater Florida with his wife Linda, and their cat Commander Merlin. Gregory has been a fan of the Survival Podcast since Jack’s commuting days in Texas.

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11 Responses to Episode-1992- An Outsider Turned Insider’s View of Government Schools

  1. No child left behind. In math you call this the LCD – lowest common denominator.

  2. John M Rosalia

    I had never heard the cover version of that song. I grew up only knowing the original and do still like it better. I do agree though you usually end up liking the one you hear first. For example thr talking heads version of ” Take me to the River” I had never heard the original until years later but still like the cover better

  3. I really enjoyed this interview. I took interest in his assessment of our schools. I was also very interested in his space project with the children. That project could sure ignite interest that parents could guide for an excellent shared experience.

  4. This was an excellent interview. His observations are spot-on. I’d like to especially commend his advice that all parents – home, private, or government school – read along with their children. The decline in reading has been going on a long time and that makes it doubly important to be the model for your child.

  5. Great interview. What the government schools are doing to our children is criminal.

  6. Stephen Wilkins

    Great interview!

    Albert Einstein said “It is little short of a miracle that modern methods of instruction have not already completely strangled the holy curiosity of inquiry…. I believe that one could even deprive a healthy beast of prey of its voraciousness if one could force it with a whip to eat continuously whether it were hungry or not…”

  7. I LOVE spacey stuff, and agree that of all the terrible things the government does NASA is the least terrible and most interesting. Buuuuuut…
    …still waiting on that return on investment check from NASA … lmao

  8. Outstanding guest and interview, Jack! This is the type of content that makes TSP such a great resource.

  9. Great interview! Very informative.

  10. Thank you everyone. I’m glad you enjoyed the interview and found it informative.