Episode-180- Survival Podcast Listener Calls 4-15-09

Join me today as I take calls from the audience on a variety of questions.  Enjoy the enhanced audio today as I will be back podcasting from the car tomorrow.

Tune in to hear…

  • What should you do with your tax return?  Spend it to stimulate the economy or save it?
  • What about emergency kits?   How do you create one, what goes in them?
  • How do you plan multiple routes out of your city and what about new features from Google maps?
  • When and how do you plant in areas with long cold winters like Wyoming?
  • What steps do you take when you travel long distance by air to be as prepared as possible for a SHTF when far from home, family and friend?
  • Can old pancake mix be dangerous?  The answer may surprise you.
  • What is top priority?  Debt reduction?  Prepping?  Or saving cash?
  • Can you capture and domesticate wild bees?  Should you?
  • What should you do to get started saving seeds?

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7 Responses to Episode-180- Survival Podcast Listener Calls 4-15-09

  1. First, I’m lovin’ podcast and the great information. The moldy pancake tip was important for me since I can’t handle mold.

    Also, since you have scolded people in the past for buying guns and ammo BEFORE getting more critical resources in place, I have a tip for those interested in self defense.

    You might want to look up on iTunes “Warrior Pages”. Even though it is like watching mini-karate lessons, you don’t have to have a background in it to get some “valuable” information from it. I would advise looking at it even if you already have a gun, etc. because you may not be able to get to your weapon of choice.

    It might be nice to know how to take an attacker down from watching a few minutes of karate here and there. Some of the video has some challenges, but all in all it is a very good podcast. I watch and listen to others since I can’t “afford” a gun right now.

  2. good show.
    FYI to the gardenere in Wy.. Come on out to the Zone 7 board on the forum.. We would be happy to help. We live it every day.

  3. Modern Survival


    Thanks for being such a great community member! I should have made that suggestion too huh? I guess done right TSP will always be a team/family/community effort cause God knows I need you guys to cover my six at times!

  4. http://ddfdb.blogspot.com/2009/04/so-you-wanna-start-plantin-outside.html

    This is something I posted on my blog from Mother Earth news related to planting in ZOne 7.. good stuff.

  5. To wyo,

    I also live in wyoming, and know our last freeze date could be as late as may 30th and our zone is more like a 4 or a 5. Take advantage of perenial plants like strawberries, raspberries, and chives. I live in Cheyenne and mine are already up. Plant tender plants in pots and take them in when a freeze is expected then plant them in the ground after freeze date. Hope this helps.

  6. region 7 is the region that Jack gave us on the forums. and thats how i referenced it.
    Come on in and join us in the board as we can talk about that stuff.

  7. I heard your recent comment about not being able to carry a weapon on a plane.
    There is one weapon you can always bring with you on a plane:

    A cane.

    It is illegal for airline security to challenge your claim of having a
    disability therefore they should never question you walking with a cane. There
    are several techniques for using a cane in self defense situations (you can
    easily imagine.)
    Just make sure you get a solid body cane that is made from dense wood, and is
    comfortable (looks natural) for you to walk with.

    It might not win a gun fight, but you should easily be able to thwart a threat
    from a small knife, or an unruly attacker in a closed environment.