Episode-177- Listener Calls to The Survival Podcast 4-10-09

Today I am at home with the office closed for good Friday so lets do a listener call in show.  Remember you can call in your questions to 866-65-THINK.

Tune in today to hear…

  • Welcoming a new sponsor – Ready Made Resources – TSP Forum Moderator Staff Approved!
  • Where to get fats and oils if TSHTF
  • A bit on starting fires, primitive and modern
  • Do I keep prepping or do I save my cash
  • If inflation is coming should we wait to make extra mortgage payments
  • Will chlorinated pool water kill off your septic system
  • Do I buy a home quickly because of the risk of rising interest rates
  • Are common ammo calibers like 9mm, 308, etc really going to be the most available in a SHTF scenario
  • What can you grow without replanting it each year
  • Why don’t we recommend a larger investment in gold to hedge on inflation

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2 Responses to Episode-177- Listener Calls to The Survival Podcast 4-10-09

  1. A 30-30 is a good choice but ive been told that its a 307 diameter bullet therefore you can still use 308 diameter ammo but it will cause excess leading. Dont know if its true but might be something to look in to.

  2. Modern Survival


    The 30-30 fires .308 diameter bullets like most 30 caliber weapons. There is a round called the 307 Winchester based on a rimmed version of the .308 Winchester case.

    Internally, the .307 has thicker case walls than the .308. It is a fine cartridge and brings .300 Savage performance to rifles with a tubular magazine like the Winchester 94 and Marlin 336. However, even the 307 Win actually uses .308 caliber bullets but it is probably the source of the concern you brought up.