Episode-175- Planning vs Paranoia

The more I talk to the media the more I am realizing how deep the belief that survivalists are paranoids is in the average person.  This is simply as gently as I can put it moronic.  Is it paranoid to have life insurance?  Is it paranoid to wear a seat belt?  Is it paranoid to keep an eye on your kids while they play?  If not why is it paranoid to take personal responsiblity for yourself and understand that at times things go wrong?

Tune in today to hear…

  • My continuing struggle with the media
  • A bit more on the twits that think I am making a huge mistake by admitting to being a prepper
  • What your own power is and why it should make you act in confidence vs in fear
  • The ability to plan and survive is a universal human constant
  • If property is over price in your area don’t buy it, move, yep I said it
  • What happens to you if you try to take a child away from his mother and what that teaches us
  • Why making basic human responses into something “amazing” by the media is robbing people of their own power
  • Your inner voice, it will never shut up, so you better listen to it
  • What humans can do about disaster that no other known entity can
  • Why disaster commonality is so important

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8 Responses to Episode-175- Planning vs Paranoia

  1. Most of these people are guided by fear. They are so ingrained with the notion that what the guvt says to do you do.. NO self-reliance just subservience to mother USA..

  2. Hector Quinones


    I listen to the show almost everyday. I don’t post much in the forums, although I plan to. What I want to say is that every show you are becoming more clear and concise. This movement is comprised of everyday folks looking to live a better life! Thanks and keep up the good work!

    -Hector in NC

  3. Jack,
    You are doing a great job with the media, we need this great publicity, keep it up!

    However, if the media do a hatchet job on you, ie. edit the footage to make you look bad, the best way to counter a hatchet job is to complain to other media outlets and get interviewed by them. Media will go jackal on other media because competition is ferocious in the journalism world. If you keep audio of the interview, that is a major help in countering bad editing.

    I think if we ants show the grasshoppers that survivalism & self sufficiency is more about being an outgoing & friendly neighbor, turning the compost pile, rigging up alternative energy, and swapping recipes & other tips with friends, the wild eyed militia freak image will be put in check. Too many grasshoppers out there think we want to isolate ourselves in bomb shelters (I don\’t have one) with crates of MREs (ate too many in the service, the thrill is gone, haha) and guns and that\’s the obstacle we have to overcome.

  4. Great comments, Jimbo. I’ve done plenty of interviews in my line of work and what you’re saying is dead on.

    Jack, your saving lives — and at the very least, helping to improve them. Keep it up.

  5. Great podcast.. I think my husband and I have always been “survivalists” but didn’t officially take on the title. However, we did not begin the full process of stocking a pantry and becoming self sufficient until a few months ago. Our lifestyle already met many of the criteria, so the additional steps have been easy to transition into.

    I have to admit, this past year with our political pitfalls, threats of pandemics, and the sword rattling of N. Korea did strike a note of fear into me– and I found myself temporarily frozen by that fear, wondering what to do. Digging a bunker in the backyard and hiding away actually did cross my mind! But armed with new-found knowledge thanks to podcasts like these and my desire to continue to live the GOOD LIFE with my family in the country made me realize that hiding is not the answer, action is much more productive.

    Food storage has made the biggest difference for me. Just having extra food on-hand has offered a lot of relief and peace of mind.

    I talk about all of the things I learn in my blogs and at my social networking page on facebook – and was shocked when a liberal California “friend” informed me that I was HOARDING FOOD. Wha??? I think I can handle an occasional debate on political views, but this was the most absurd thing I’d ever heard. Preserving food from my garden, buying extra canned goods with money I have earned and dehydrating herbs, fruits and vegetables for long-term storage is hoarding?

    I guess I’ll have to learn to live with the negative comments, but not let them stifle me. I feel it is important to share what I learn so that others can be more self-sufficient as well.

    Thanks for the information that you provide. I’ll be listening…


    A bunker is still not entirely out of the question though.. but as everything else in our plan, it will be prioritized and dual purpose. I think we’ll call it a “root cellar” for now! 🙂

  6. Jack,

    I find your recommendation for the over taxed farmers of the bread basket of California to pack up and move to Vegas completely hypocritical for two reasons:

    • Farming county\’s receive more tax dollars per capita by far compared to LA SF or SD (Modoc county in particular)

    • Las Vegas is the worst choice of a city to inhabit, its UNINHABITABLE if it weren\’t for gung ho short sighted human influence that will fail eventually

    My short soapbox on that second note: American city\’s have sprung up all over wherever we choose to put em, the rest of the world major city\’s have had century\’s to develop in geologically environmentally sustainable locations through events like Pompeii etc weeding out the bad spots; Vegas is so damned stupid

  7. Modern Survival


    There is nothing hypocritical in what I said and hell you didn’t even get that right. I said the tax policies of California are one reason for the growth of cities like Phoenix and Las Vegas.

    I never said a thing about “farmers moving to Vegas”.

    If you going to call someone a hypocrite (which is an insult) please get your facts right. The state of California is chasing away residents, jobs and businesses, that is a fact.

    As for farmer subsidies I suggest you listen with more tuned in ears and more often. Anyone who has listened with any regularity would know I am against government subsidizing anything.

  8. California is the largest source of income for the Federal Government (has most ppl and makes most money), and not the largest recipient of federal assistance; furthermore: as of 2007 California residents rank 19th as taxes payed per capita. Make of that what you will, and my apologies if I misunderstood your Vegas statement, I am a bit appalled at the unsustainability of how this country has been built, the suburbs will be a legacy of our century.