Episode-174- 12 Simple Steps Toward Modern Survival Living

Today we talk about 12 simple steps that people can take toward living a better lifestyle if times get tough or even if they don’t.

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  • Debt is financial cancer, eliminate it.
  • Plant a garden and permanent food producing crops (trees, bushes, etc) you have a limit to how much food you can store.
  • Aim to store at least 30-90 days of reserve food and water.  More is better but this will get you through 90% of potential disasters.
  • Plan for disaster based on the simplified threat probability matrix.  Personal – Neighborhood – Small Region – Large Region – National – Global
  • Understand “disaster commonality” simply put most disasters are addressed by the same preparations.
  • Have a bug out bag (72 hour kit) for every family member.
  • Have a family disaster plan for staying put and for evacuation.  (Bugging In or Bugging Out).
  • A bug out location (remote location) may be a great idea if you have paid off all consumer debt first and buy smart.
  • Don’t be 100% invested in the stock market ever, don’t have all savings in 401Ks/IRAs and practice true diversity.
  • Learn to protect yourself, your home and your family.
  • Everything you do to prepare for disaster should improve your life even if nothing ever goes wrong.
  • Remember what you do matters is the number one factor in surviving any situation.

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