Episode-168- Class Warfare and its’ Impact on Survival Thinking

Today’s show covers a topic that is often see as political and unrelated to survivalism.  Today we discuss the topic of class warfare and how it is used by those in power to continue abuse while we fight among ourselves rather than holding them accountable.

Join me today as I discuss…

  • How hyphens before the word American are destroying the core values of our nations
  • The Tea Parties are great!  Take a Democrat to one with you.
  • Understanding the difference between man made and natural disasters
  • Why we must act now with logic, education and integrity rather then anger
  • Following the constitution is not a liberal or conservative ideology
  • What does it really cost to employ a 10 dollar an hour employee
  • The danger of acting in anger and what past results have been – anger is good for motivation only

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3 Responses to Episode-168- Class Warfare and its’ Impact on Survival Thinking

  1. Love the dog metaphor, Jack. It’s perfect question, “Do you want to live a dog’s life?”

    I would love to be at that Tea Party. If you get a chance, please tape your speech.

  2. Jack, just listened to this episode, probably one of my favorites. I’m giving some thought to how to make this tea party thing effective…

    I need to understand what you meant when you were talking about “ideals vs principals”.

    I hope to be involved in my local tea party group, and want to achieve success.

  3. One of your best. I especially like the part about how much it costs to employ a lower-wage worker.
    My supervisor gave me a similar breakdown some years back, it was an eye-opener.