Episode-155- Small Steps to Individual Energy Independence

Today I provide you a few low cost steps you can take on the way to individual energy independence.  Today’s show is about energy independence for you, not independence from “foreign oil”, etc but you and your families individual ability to exist with out dependence on things like the electrical grid.

Tune in today to hear…

  • An update on individual secession and individual declarations of independence
  • Come meet me tomorrow at the Ft. Worth Gun show
  • Come have fun with us at the Region 5 Get Together
  • The Beta of the Members Support Brigade is Closed for about a week
  • Jack is going to Arkansas next week, you will miss a show or two next week
  • How you can build a simple way to dehydrate and store food
  • Building a simple, easy solar oven that will cook food with no fuel other then sunlight
  • Heating water with black pvc pipes, a box and a pane of glass
  • Setting up true small scale solar for under 200 bucks for back up lights and lap top computers
  • A simple outdoor shower with solar heating
  • Getting a professional installation done and expanding it as a do it yourself model

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One Response to Episode-155- Small Steps to Individual Energy Independence

  1. Jack,

    Personally, I think this is one of your best (in part, for your dealing with the dumb-ass drivers) episodes ever!
    Okay, calming down now, I really enjoyed this for the reason that as you noted, the solar dehydrator and the solar oven compliment each other. Also, both are great summer homesteading projects that have impressive potential. I have seen and have plans for numerous solar ovens and came across my first solar dehydrator plans on MotherEarthNews about 4 weeks ago; both are great. One issue that I haven’t seen addressed (and my wife pointed out) is with the oven, how do you control the temperature inside accurately (what if you need a 400F oven? Well, I suggested that this wasn’t as being an issue as cooking times would have to be adjusted if you can’t reach your desired temperature (though it you get your oven too hot, a small venting door on the back might be a way to control overheating).
    Great episode and one that many people will find fun and helpful.
    Enjoy your long weekend at the homestead in Arkansas and we’ll only call out the SO groups if you don’t some back on Monday morning…. 😉