Episode-141- More Gerald Celente Predictions for 2009

We discussed some of Gerald Celente’s predictions back in Episode 97 of The Survival Podcast but yesterday I watched a new video (embedded below).  I really think Gerald may be on to a few things for 09, the only question is to what degree will he be right?

Tune in today to hear…

  • Who is Gerald Celente, why should we listen to him?
  • Why we might just really see a commercial real estate crash in 2009
  • What such a crash might mean for an already weakened economy
  • What Celene thinks of Obama, and his non partisan view of Bush (Bush sucked too)
  • What I see happening to commercial real estate in a 1 mile by 4 mile area in a “booming” area
  • What watching one retail space go vacant while new ones are being built next to it really means
  • Why we may very well see “tax revolts” and how it is directly connected to commercial real estate
  • How tax revolts might look and what their impacts could be
  • Is Mexico about to turn into a third world nation?
  • What would 20 Million or more refugees from Mexico en mass mean for the U.S.
  • If there is no threat to a failed Mexico why is the State of Texas preparing for it?

Gerald Celente’s Latest Video Discussed in Today’s Show

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6 Responses to Episode-141- More Gerald Celente Predictions for 2009

  1. Jack, you may want to mention what areas Region 3 and Region 5 include when you announce the get-togethers. Region 3 – Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Puerto Rico and The U.S. Virgin Islands. Region 5 – Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. Region 5’s gathering is in Texas b/c that’s where I am and I’m the one who stepped up to organize it. ;-]

  2. I follow some of what Gerald says, but not most. Take Bear Stearns. Why did they go bankrupt? Because a few people made a whole bunch of bad ideas using very high leverage. Same with Circuit City – companies leveraged to the point where they couldn’t survive a down year. It wasn’t that “healthy” companies are folding due to massive shocks in the system. Christmas shopping was down single digit percentages. If a company can’t survive a single digit percentage bad year, they have a shitty model.

    The commercial property will be interesting. The plus over there is they didn’t have the rampant speculation and overbuilding that residential did.

  3. Excellent point about preparing for things that MIGHT happen, instead of freaking out. I followed a typical modern survivalist trajectory from fear to calm and have come to the same conclusion.

    At first, I felt (not thought, but felt) that all the bad things I saw happening or soon to happen meant bad things were coming very soon. That’s a typical human reaction. It has a useful purpose: I was very motivated to prepare.

    And I did prepare. I’m in pretty good shape now.

    Then, after I had some decent preparations done, I could look at the threats more analytically. Since I had food, plans, a network of people, and defensive arms, I could really think “what if … severe economic break down, riots, collapse of Mexico, police-state crack down, etc.” I calmly–almost coldly–thought “here’s where my family can hide out, here’s how to secure the streets in my neighborhood, here’s who I can count on for help.” I can be so calm because I’ve done the preparation. I have planned the hide out locatoin, I have food, and I have the guns and basic tactical knowledge to secure the neighborhood. It’s just a planning exercise because I’m prepared; I’m thinking “here’s what I do with my stuff.” That’s far different than a freak-out run-around screaming situation because there’s no more food at the grocery store and you have hungry kids.

    So your comments in episode 141 were right on. Fear can motivate you, but once you’re decently prepared, dial back the fear and you’ll get very calmly analytical. And be just fine. Bad things MIGHT happen in our country and if they do you’ll be OK. If bad things don’t happen, you’re still better off. The Spirko philosophy. It rings true with my experience.

  4. JamesCarville.

    Mexico will not collapse in another 2 years, according to my father who is a lawyer there.
    He has been targeted by the filthy peasants and the cartel.

    He says IF and only IF the military can get a hold of the cartel more, then it might stop within 2 years, but IF the military fails……..by 2010 we might start seeing the collapse of Mexico and cartel trying to rule over all Mexico.
    But my father says he is confident the cartel will be stopped within 2 years.

    The border is meant to keep Americans in. The American government has a sick demented agenda of using the United States as the PLAYGROUND for the U.N. By 2020 you will all wish they had kept the borders open.

    I’m moving to Sweden in 2 months, i just need to get my ticket and i’m out. Thanks for the great podcasts!

  5. great show I posted a few weeks ago a video of what the commercial real estate game is doing in CO.. the emptying out and abandoning of biz.. A squatters haven

  6. america is BROKE

    people better wake up

    another hitler country is forming

    laws laws laws