Episode-143- NAIS, Bankrupt States and New Hampshire Sovereignty

Today’s show covers a variety of topics and start out with a “ray of hope” that I see in an action being taken by the State of New Hampshire along with several others.

Tune in Today to Hear…

  • New Hampshire gives the Federal Government a big middle finger (awesome!)
  • California is on the edge of bankruptcy, their solution?, raise taxes
  • Kansas is attempting to run a deficit but republicans are holding the line for now
  • The danger of “marketing hope and change” with out being honest about the sacrifice they require
  • What is NAIS, why should you care and what would it mean to the local food movement

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6 Responses to Episode-143- NAIS, Bankrupt States and New Hampshire Sovereignty

  1. The Philosoraptor

    Hi Jack,

    Here’s a list of states that have declared or are preparing to declare sovereignty. 22 States

    I hope this helps you.

  2. AUSTIN, Texas (AP) – Gov. Rick Perry says Texas should be cautious about accepting billions of dollars from the federal economic stimulus package.

    Perry today spoke to small business owners in Austin just hours before President Barack Obama signed the $787 billion stimulus into law.

    Perry told the business group he wants to be able to use federal money to pay for one-time expenses, such as building roads and hurricane reconstruction.

    State Transportation Department spokesman Chris Lippincott said last week when the stimulus bill was still being finalized that Texas could get up to $2.5 billion for transportation projects.

    But Perry also said Texas should be wary of spending on other programs just to draw down billions more in federal money that may not be available in two or three years — sticking Texas with the bill.

    Perry did not say what those programs might be.

  3. Modern Survival


    What I have learned over the years here about Perry is that he can say one thing, do the opposite and totally get away with it time after time.

    At least he has for a very long time. I am predicting Kinky Friedman as our next Governor here. Kay Hutchinson is a female Perry so I really hope she doesn’t get anywhere in her bid for the Governorship. She is already spending more time campaigning for that then doing her friken job as our senator. She is also the one that cut the funding for the border fence!


  4. OHHHH…. I have a great Idea Lets put chips in our animals, our kids will be next !!….. I live south of Boston and have 16 chickens, on 1/4 acre of land. We use them for egg laying and pets for my two kids 5 and 2.I will put chips in them when my AR-15 is empty. Scarey things are happening in the world.


  5. Forest Dweller

    Just for the sake of redundancy, and
    for anyone else wanting to take a
    gander at New Hampshire’s Legislation:


  6. Very good piece on “Sales Tax Time Bomb Goes off” and goes with today’s show.


    The ultimate reason to prep. The world just about went mad max and your ATM came this ” ” close to stop working. really. Rep. Paul Kanjorski (D) PN explains the 2008 electronic run on the banks.