Episode-133- Chosing a Weapon for Basic Home Defense

Today we are going to talk about fire arms best suited for basic home defense.  We will not be covering specific makes and models, calibers, ammunition, etc today, simply what works best and where to start in your decision making process.

Tune in today to hear…

  • David Crawford’s Novel “Lights Out” to be made into an Audio Book – More Info
  • The difference between “home defense” and larger scale tactical defense
  • The importance of training, safety, weapons maintenance and function and real scenario training
  • Why shotguns and handguns make better defensive weapons for most homes then carbines
  • Why you may want to buy a handgun soon
  • Thoughts on reducing over penetration, it can not be totally eliminated
  • Should you “carry” in the home?  What does that mean?
  • The way most professional burglars “break into”a home
  • Thoughts on alarms

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26 Responses to Episode-133- Chosing a Weapon for Basic Home Defense

  1. Jack,

    I would highly recommend that you look into a serialized podcast format ala Scott Sigler, or Seth Harwood.

    You’ll build an audience, get the word out to many more people, and will sell the hardcopy and CD formats to many more people.

  2. I still think it’s best to have a GunVault and bolt it down somewhere. That way, it’s accessible whenever you need it and also if someone robs you while you’re gone, they don’t just take the safe.

  3. you shoulda been here earlier. He removed my comment his typo in the show notes about those pesky “professional buglers”

    why Jack would you do that to Trash.

  4. Modern Survival


    Because what point is there in fixing the typo and leaving the comment pointing it out?

  5. you shoulda left the typo. it had a tad of irony.

    I think its funny the professional buglers vs thos amateur buglers living nexyt door.

  6. I saw it… Nothing enrages The Jack more than pointing out his spelling errors. ;-]

  7. the irony of it was fun. Given the seriousness of the topic. BTW I hear ya won the gunsling. congrats

  8. I’ve got no beef with the preference of a hunting type of shotgun, but I don’t think that would make much difference. I’m no lawyer of course, but if I think if a DA really had a hard on to paint someone as a whack job, they could just trot out some of the politically incorrect weapons the fellow did own, the ammo that went with them, call it an arsenal, and proceed to detail the fellows association with any “radical” second amendment oriented organizations and so on.

  9. I second the choice of a shotgun for home defense. If you’re only going to own one gun I’d say the shotgun is the most versatile weapon you can own. Especially if you can swap out the barrels. I have a 9 shot Mossberg 590 with a 20″ barrel for HD and a 28″ modified choke barrel for hunting/trap. With all the different loads available for it there’s really not a lot you can’t do with it.

  10. Modern Survival

    Seriously though, how many of you knew that MO that most professionals use in a break in. Day light, people home, never seen. It was an eyeopener for me and these guys in the interview were good. One broke into among others homes owned by members of the Kellogg Family and the Chrysler family.

  11. Has anyone looked at the Taurus Judge? It is a 5 shot revolver that shoots .45ACP and .410 shotgun shells. Awesome little gun. My wife can shoot it and aim is not critical in a panic situation. Plus, it isn’t going to penetrate the walls and hurt anyone else.

    But do you think it has enough stopping power? I load it with 3 .410s and then 2 .45ACP to use if needed.

  12. I would take issue with the statement that aim is not critical. I think aim is always critical. I assume what you’re implying is that the Judge is a bit more forgiving than a handgun considering it’s rapid spread at close quarters, but heaven forbid you just wing someone or miss them altogether giving them a chance to potentially return fire. Call it nitpicky but I think there’s too many people out there that think just because they’re wielding a shotgun (or similar) that aim isn’t important.

    As for the gun though that does look like a good amount of whallop packed into a small package. Interesting…

  13. Taurus Judge correction
    The Judge take 2 1/2″ .410 and .45LC.

    3″ .410 is too long and .45ACP being rimless will likely end up in failure

  14. Modern Survival


    You are correct about 45 colt on the Judge, there are 45 auto revolvers but they use special “clips” to deal with the rim issue.

    On the other hand not exactly the case on the 2.5 inch shells any more. The new models now have the option for 3 inch chambers, http://www.taurususa.com/products/product-details.cfm?id=638&category=Revolver

  15. Jack – have a link for the hinge locks you mentioned at the end of the show? Sounds interesting as the house we bought a few years ago has a few glass doors.

    FWIW, the day after you put out this show, one of my neighbors had their house robbed – in the middle of the day! The robbers waited until the husband left, pried the jam off the front door, and then were in there for about 2 hours. They took all their TVs, jewelry, cash, cameras and guns. To top it all off they then went to the garage and loaded it all up in their car and stole that too. We live in a very rural, but very nice neighborhood…everyone is shocked.

    The good news is the discussion of a neighborhood watch is scheduled for this weekend. The only way we’ll get through whatever is coming is together.

  16. Modern Survival

    Tried to find the dagon things online but can’t. If you go to Home Depot or Lowes and ask the guy that runs the lock and door hardware isle he is likely to know. I will give finding them online another go, I just don’t know what they are actually called.

    Pretty cool and pretty simple, you pop out the hinge pin, put the thing on the hinge and pop it back in.

  17. X pistol that one is comfortable with + night sights + SureFire (or similar high lumens light) + pump shotgun 12 or 20 gauge (for backup) + high vis sight = GTG

  18. The judge has more than plenty of power it only takes 110 pounds of energy in a chest wound to take a life the 410 Judge evan with a short barrel has a lot more than that

  19. Federal has a new buckshot load for the 410 for personal defence it was made for the judge it is a 1/2 ounce load 1200 fps 696 pounds of energy plenty of power that is almost 3x more than a 38 spl

  20. Robert Anderson


    Please take a minute and watch my vids for home defense. We are on the same page on this topic (everything but pumping your shotgun which I think is a no-no). I have come up with a system to keepsafe your gun in your bedroom even during the day. Simple put its a holster that turns on remote lights all over your home and dials 911 when the gun is pulled. If you were in the kitchen and you notice your “safty lights” come on you know a theif has taken your gun and 911 was already called. My vid is a 6 part series on youtube called “police alert home defense systems”. The link is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MxbiSdrF5S4

    I think you will enjoy my video as much as I enjoyed yours.

    Take care,

  21. I wish Jack would do a show on amateur buglers…

  22. Finnaly got the new Federal handgun ammo for the judge have not shot it yet but it was taylord for the judge and it is a high brass 2-1/2 shell no 4 shot.

  23. Obtw its a 7-1/6 oz load not a 1/2 oz

  24. Hi from Canada,

    owning AR 15s and/or handguns are a real pain in the behind here. You need a restricted license and a membership in a pistol club (which can be pricey). Owning any kind of a firearm for home home defence is cerainly not something the GOV approves of. Therefore, all my Canadian law abiding citizen owned firearms are for “shooting sports”.

    So, within the limits of a non-restricted possession license, I went with a shotgun for “shooting sports”. This particular shotgun is a stoeger coach in 20 gauge. My wife can handle it without a hitch, it’s a dream to shoot and with #3 buck it will do the job for any “shooting sport” we may be involved in.

  25. It is a misconception that 5.56 penetrates more than 9mm or some 12ga rounds. Quite a bit of testing has been done that found that 9mm and a number of popular 12ga rounds penetrate more common residential building materials than 5.56 rounds.

  26. Modern Survival

    @Mike your statement is BOTH true and false. It all depends on the bullet. A 223/5.56 with a frangible projectile will indeed penetrate less in most instances.