Episode-131- Making Beer and Mead at Home

Today’s initial show notes will be very brief and I will back fill them with resources and bullet points mentioned in the show this evening.  Due to the reminants of yesterday’s ice storm my morning drive took almost three hours.  So I will just put up the audio and back fill later on.

Tune in today to learn the basics and some of my personal tricks for makeing beer and meads at home.

7 Responses to Episode-131- Making Beer and Mead at Home

  1. Just downloaded the show to listen to on the airplane. I am an avid homebrewer since 1995 and can’t wait to hear it.

  2. Survivor Kid 909

    Hey Jack, great show once again! Ya made me smile there at the beginning 🙂

    I can’t wait to listen to the rest of your podcasts, I’m slowing getting there! As for the family/parents podcast, can’t wait for it! It will be a great help!

  3. LOL, calling me out… =-P

  4. My wife and and I are avid mead and Beer Homebrewers and we just loved this show.

    Great job.

  5. Loved the show on homebrewing… am a brewer, winemaker and beekeeper:my wife loves the blueberry wine (we live on 4.5 acres mostly wild blueberry field) Another book I can strongly recommend (gets into improvised equipment) is “Brew Ware” by Karl F Lutzen & Mark Stevens. Happy brewing from Maine.

  6. Sylvia the Foxy Huntress

    Jack, Lots of great ideals. My husband makes beer & I make the wines; we make 12 gallons @ a time for the winter months. Boy, it’s all gone by Jan. 🙁 Sanitize everything & all comes out tasting just right. Save some for when the s**T hits the fan, we need “comfort” foods. (another great topic.)
    Enjoy, thanks, Syl

  7. Hey if anyone is a homebrewer in the DFW area i would love to come and see your set up and learn from your experience. I am looking into getting started but would like to see from someone who is activly brewing locally. Please email me dan@texasveritas.com