Episode-1300- Lisa Haywood on Prepping from a Legal Stand Point

Today is a two part episode.  We begin with a mini segment from me about PermaEthos and the new farm model.  All seems well until we look at investor “protections” and how that translates into tax consequences and eats into initial operation budgets.

Today in only about 15 minutes I will do two things.  First, I will tell you exactly how anti business this nation really is, how screwed up people really are and how completely off base business in America has become.  Second after defining the problem I think I will honestly blow you away with how we can use their own rules against them and still move forward, totally open with what we are doing and totally legal to boot.

Lisa Haywood is an attorney licensed to practice law in the State of Ohio. Her practice began as a personal injury (PI) attorney.  Yes, an ambulance chaser, but don’t hold that against her. PI gave her a great foundation in risk analysis and that is where she discovered “planning”, is not a matter of if something happens it was when.

Lisa has helped people recover from disaster from one of the more probable disasters that could happen to you … a car accident. She would resolve their case and hand them their settlement check, but she felt that was not enough.  She  wanted to teach her client’s from that point how to better prepare themselves to weather the storm if they got in another accident down the road. Her colleagues said she was crazy for that because it was essentially cutting off “repeat business”.

To many that seemed like such a backwards thought process yet Lisa knew it was a better way to do business.  So, she began offering to do a global risk analysis of her client’s lives to determine where the potential exposure was so they could plug the holes. That ultimately developed her practice into one of estate planning and legal education.

Today she joins us to discuss prepping from a legal stand-point. There are legal tools that you can implement to protect yourself, family, and your legacy. Being legally prepared involves not only planning your estate, but also preparing any businesses that you own for succession and disaster management, having legal experienced advisors on retainer in case of an emergency (this is especially important if you carry), and learning the state laws regarding self-defense, knives, and guns.

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19 Responses to Episode-1300- Lisa Haywood on Prepping from a Legal Stand Point

  1. 35? Who’s 4th point of contact did they pull that arbitrary number out of…

  2. And just to let you know, you let the full f word slip in audio… I only mention it because you about startled the shit out of me with the beep yesterday 😛

  3. Hey Jack,

    You dropped the f-bomb at 24:48. I know you don’t want do that on your podcast, I think you meant to edit it out. =)

  4. On the government rant in general, the license/bonding fees in the state of arizona to be a “landscaper” (closest thing to permaculture) costs somewhere around 15,000 to just get started. The penalties for not being licensed? Up to 2 years in prison… I kid you not.

  5. You’re just proving something I say literally almost everyday. “If there is a system it will be gamed.”

    Especially since this country / geographic boundary has been ruled via laws, people have completely and totally gamed every single law.

    • Let’s start shaming the government using their own propaganda.


      • They don’t hate poor people, they need them for votes. In fact, they want to help you and get your neighbors to be poor too. No poor people, no one to buy votes from. If they don’t have poor people they would have to resort to things like someone wants to kill you that’s why you need us… oh wait… maybe they did that too.

      • I don’t think they hate anyone, necessarily. They just want control and power. The rich never (generally) hate the poor, they just make the middle or lower middle class hate the poor by stoking those class warfare flames.

  6. Hay Jack!

    Just a note about leases, since you were talking about writing off the expense of the lease over the course of the 1 year period as an operating expense. The government has closed that loophole by defining a capital lease (where the underlying asset needs to be depreciated over its expected useful life) as any lease that meets any of the following criteria:
    1. The life of the lease is 75% or greater of the assets useful life.
    2. The lease contains a purchase agreement for less than market value.
    3. The lessee gains ownership at the end of the lease period.
    4. The present value of lease payments is greater than 90% of the asset’s market value.

    Erin 🙂

  7. Listening to the part regarding truecrypt. I’ve considered pretty much this whole year putting in a guest form on this topic. This is where my line of work comes in. (Computer Forensics/encryption/etc). Need to come up with an appropriate outline/topics.

    • Regarding about property ownership:
      Nearly none of the specifics of this are the case in Louisiana. HAHA. The whole Napoleonic laws thing. But anybody who lives in Louisiana pretty much already knows this. Roughly all possessions are claimable by people living on said property. Even if you aren’t married to a girlfriend (for example) she has rightful claim to all property (I think after like a year). It is possible that some of this might not be the case if you have contracts (such as the family trust). But that may not be true, there is ALOT of people who have certain last names for reasons.

      Its a good reason to really know your laws about possessions.

    • Please do.

  8. Just listening to her recommendations for CCW insurance. This by itself would be a great show topic.