Episode-130- Low Cost Bug Out Location Options

Picture your ideal bug out location.  You can see it now, 80 acres of remote land, half in pasture and plowable and half in timber with lots of native nut trees and wild life.  Remote enough to be out of the way but still have access to what is left of society after a big crash.  Solar panels and wind gen at the ready, power from the grid not even needed, a deep well and a well fortified structure for comfortable living.

Now wake up!  How far away is that place right now, how much would it cost?  Don’t worry today we are going to talk about stepping stones to building a bug out location over time, ways to do it low cost and gotchas to watch out for while you do it.

I also have a few big announcements and some new stuff available for listeners.

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6 Responses to Episode-130- Low Cost Bug Out Location Options

  1. Jack! Great Show man. Get some rest man. You still sound a little sick.
    Praying for your quick recovery,
    Damian Maddox
    louisiana suvivor

  2. I was actually looking at land again when I received the notice that the show was posted. What you outlined is exactly what I am planning in my head. I found some great places listed and at very reasonable prices, so I’m excited.

    I hadn’t considered the tax office idea or defaulted or foreclosed property, so thank you for that suggestion. There’s alot of legwork remaining, but I know I’m just THAT much closer to doing it. =-D

  3. Here, we’re pretty much going to have to make do with where we are.
    It’s not bad but we don’t have but 1/2 acre. However, what we do have are some aware neighbors that we are already working with and making a garden together.
    It’s a good start, we’ve built a greenhouse and put in one good sized garden and will be doubling it this year.
    Also working together to plant berry bushes and have planted fruit trees.
    Sometimes it works out to check out your own neighborhood.
    Great podcast too BTW. As always!

  4. http://www.shedworking.co.uk/

    a fun little site relating to yesterdays show.
    I have gotten af ew ideas from them in the past.

  5. land cheap… http://www.willowbranchtn.com
    they do the financing! is in tenn

    We used them and they are great!
    and is working out really well power is cheap too
    excellent topic!

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