Episode-1272- The Christmas Special For 2013

Most of today’s show is a rebroadcast of 2008’s Christmas special. Today we pause and take a moment to reflect on Christmas and how it has become the Holiday we celebrate today. Many American’s have no idea just how Christmas became unique here in America, the role it played in bringing our nation together after two wars of independence and the civil war.

Christmas is special and a time to pause and reflect. Christmas is indeed a special time of year, today I will cover many aspects of it that may make this Christmas just a bit more special. There is also a full text transcription on of the non commercial portion of today’s show in the show notes below.

Tune in today to hear about…

  • Christmas was banned in England at one time and even parts of America
  • Early Americans didn’t really celebrate Christmas, (congress was in session on Dec 25th, 1789)
  • In the early 1800s Christmas was a rowdy holiday spurred by class conflict, turmoil and unemployment
  • In 1819, best-selling author Washington Irving wrote The Sketchbook of Geoffrey Crayon bringing us many “ancient customs”, he simply invented
  • Leading up to the Civil War, Christmas was a “southern holiday” and Thanksgiving a “northern holiday”
  • How Christmas and Thanksgiving together helped to heal a young America
  • Today is a time to pause, reflect and just be, prepping, planning and stress will all wait patiently for you
  • Different ending music for today’s show! The most beautiful version of Oh Holly Night I have ever heard, just pause, listen and realize what really matters while it plays.

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13 Responses to Episode-1272- The Christmas Special For 2013

  1. Jack,

    A Merry Christmas to you and Dorothy. I appreciate the opportunity to have participated in the urban permaculture event at your home this Fall as well as all you do for the TSP community. Thank you and may 2014 be filled with blessings for your family.

  2. Merry Christmas Jack. Hope you get some rest over the next few days 🙂

  3. This is the first time I’ve listened to your show. I enjoyed it. My husband works in the telecom industry as a contractor so I could relate to your comments about travel and staying home. 🙂 So true, Thanks!

  4. Merry Christmas, Jack and Dorothy, and to your loved ones.

    May the New Year be better than expected and lacking in drama.

  5. Merry Christmas Jack and your family!

    …why in the heck are people disliking this post?

    • Modern Survival

      It is possible some are disappointed that I didn’t do the promised call in show. Sigh.

    • Modern Survival

      It is also possible that some simply dislike that they get no TSP for a week and a half and don’t mean anything really negative by it. More of a we will miss you until then. Anyway don’t take it personal, after all I don’t.

  6. Merry Christmas and thank you for all your hard work. This podcast makes a big difference in my life, along with the exposure to the many remarkable people you have as guests.

  7. Don’t know why the dislikes, must be some real Ebenezers out there, too bad.

    One note or question, why does everyone stop after verse one of O Holy Night?!? It leaves me shaking my head. I guess the rest of it is just too Christian for the masses. Nevermind, the mention of Saviour, sin, and birth, in the first verse, sic.

    I guess I can’t be too upset about it, most people are pretty shaky on the little part of The Star-Spangled Banner that we sing, even the atheist. Dare you tell everyone that TSSB has three more stanzas…

  8. Happy Holidays Jack, Dorothy and family!

  9. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas, Jack. Thanks for all your hard work through this year. I tune in from South Africa regularly. Your shows are worth the time. I have especially enjoyed your perspective on different Permaculture techniques. And I think you make better biltong than I do! And for the coming year… have a great one!

  10. Hello Jack , just listened to my first podcast, the 2013 XMAS cast. I am not a big XMAS guy at all , but agree with your perceptions of family and introspective time to count cooh so to speak. Personally I think Xmas is far to commercial and that takes away from a lot of it for me. But my real comment is on your overall perceptions and I am a bit taken back by what seems to be a sort of synchronisity of events falling into place. I have never heard of you or read any of your thoughts until very recently and I find a lot of your thoughts and even specific words and terms are much of what I have been saying for at least 7 years now, down to some of the exact same words and phrases. Interesting to say the least. I will catch up when you return with cast in January. Anyway have a good NY eve or some such thing and keep up the good work and perspectives. Many are awakening and that is a very good thing indeed ! Good on Ya Steve Baze

  11. Okay. Seriously? How does this episode have 15 “dislikes”?