Episode-126- Airsoft and Airguns for Training and Practice

Today we are going to delve a bit into the world of Airsoft and to a lesser extent conventional air gun shooting as well.  Airsoft has immense potential for introducing new shooters to the shooting sports and offer very realistic fully accurate reproduction weapons to work with.

Tune in today to hear…

  • Some of the different options in Airsoft weapons from spring to gas to AEG (automatic electric guns) we give an over view of them all
  • The value of all metal gas blow back airsoft pistols for training new shooters in practical pistol applications
  • How Airsoft can let you shoot more often, right at home and for less money so you stay sharp
  • Why even those “cheap plastic spring pistols” have a lot of value as training aids
  • The accuracy of reproduction of may airsoft weapons and how it accelerates the learning curve for new shooters
  • The unique safety advantages of a brand new shooter that makes coach a better coach
  • Using airsoft to replace fear of firearms with respect for them
  • Taking the step up to conventional air guns and their additional advantages and disadvantages
  • Thoughts about moving new shooters from airsoft into rim and then eventually center fire shooting
  • How spreading the sport of shooting and responsible firearms ownership protects the second amendment

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One Response to Episode-126- Airsoft and Airguns for Training and Practice

  1. Thanks for choosing this topic for a podcast.

    My kids have had airsoft pistols and I never really gave it much thought as to the usefulness it would have to keep an edge on the skills.

    I have a descent size yard to utilize and I could even set up a mini airsoft range in the house.