Episode-108- Considering Unconventional Options for Bugging Out

Today’s show is about considering your options for BOL (bug out location) but not in the typically thought of sense in the survivalist world.  Today’s show discusses…

  • How a “bug out location” or just a rural homestead is a personal choice not a one size fits all requirement
  • Why so many that are not even “survivalists” are seeking a bit of remote property
  • Remote is a relative term
  • Moving out by need, by choice or just because you feel it is time
  • A shelter and land for only 3K, you bet, Howell Dodd did it! – Here is a pic of what he bought for a TOTAL of 2,500 dollars including the Trailer (Howell’s BOL PIcture)
  • What really keeps “the apocalypse” in check in society today (no, not the biblical one)
  • What a dirt road and a gate says to a theif
  • The value of surface water
  • Considering small live stock options (ducks, geese, etc)
  • Watching out for property tax gotchas
  • Stay away from HOAs
  • When you move into a community it is you that must “adjust”
  • You can time the real estate market now may be a good time to buy
  • My real test, can the home be transformed into a producer instead of being a consumer
  • Writing a plan to get that life you want

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7 Responses to Episode-108- Considering Unconventional Options for Bugging Out

  1. I believe we are entering a historic opportunity to buy stuff, land included. I just looked at rates on 15 year mortgages and they are around 4.8%. Several articles suggest it will go down, maybe even in the 3.5% range. This is coupled with motivated sellers and already discounted prices.

    Bare land is probably something people will dump when their situation becomes tight (boats are another one I am watching).

    It doesn’t hurt to make a low-ball offer if you have the means to afford it.

  2. If the time ever came where we had to bug out. The old Trashmobile (1985 Jeep Cherokee Laredo) and the Trash retirement villa (1973 Coleman Pop-up) are in good shape and ready to go. While we are still looking for a fully contained mini-winnie as a the prices on this setup were great. The Jeep ran 500 and the popup cost me a 6 pack of Fat tire (actually 4 because I drank 2 with the guy). If anyone is interested in seeing pics of either they are up at my blog.

  3. Jack, You are right on with the retreat , but then I am bias because I started 5 years ago. I am only 34 miles from my house but never thought about distance when we bought it. Originally got it because the storage cost was eating me up in these 12 x 30 storage places.

    Don’t loose it when I say I want more Prep info “How to” because audio fills my 65 mile commute . Most importantly I don’t play the give aways but I win when you inpart some knowledge that will save me money , time ,waste or from a general mistake . That is what makes the difference in survival or quality of life.

    So if I haven’t said so yet , THANK YOU .

  4. Modern Survival

    Good for you! And hey man I never mind it when people ask for more “practical stuff” or more “economy stuff” or more anything, I am just glad yall ask at all.

    What I was talking about are the demanding types, “if you don’t I won’t listen anymore” types. I told two today, gee buddy thanks, I appreciate that. (grin)

    On your thank you, let me say you are very welcome and thank you for both participating and sharing your efforts with our other listeners/members.

  5. than you Jack. You now have a few more listeners since I brought them into the fold out here in Denver and they are participating in the forums.
    SInce you talked about the unconventional stuff how about going in to some more of Farmer D stuff other than the garden out in pasadena.
    They are alot more than just the garden. The lifestyle they live is becoming more to the norm and one in which is becoming more of a necessity.

  6. Another great podcast, Jack. Very interesting and informative.

    I own my home outright. I paid it off a couple years ago. As for taxes, the town where I live (small town – pop. 3200) doesn’t charge real estate taxes. It’s a nice, usually quiet, town, friendly people.

    Still, I hope to one day, move to Indiana (a “FREE” state. ;^P) I currently live in Illinois. (Yep! The State of Corruption!) I have many family members living in IN, (including my daughter) and have always loved visiting there.

    If I am ever able to make that move, it would be to the “country” type setting that most of my family members live in.
    I check out the R.E. sites over there often – hoping for that special place. No luck yet.

  7. good for you sir!..liked the show.
    have my cabin in the pines all set
    up.I can be self supporting for 90 days.

    working on improving to a year!!