Emberlit Stoves are Now in the TSP Gear Shop

I am really excited that we have added the Emberlit Stove to the TSP Gear Shop.  These stoves are wonderfully made, pack into any pack, light weight and work flawlessly.  I will be bringing you a review of one of them soon.

The Emberlit Stove is a lightweight, compact, wood burning camp stove that doesn’t require you to carry any fuel.

It packs completely flat, weighs only 11.3 oz, and is 100% Made in the USA from stainless steel. What sets this stove apart from others is its ease of use.  Properly fed, the Emberlit produces a steady, even, and controlled flame.  The Emberlit makes much more efficient use of fuel than an open camp fire.

Because the stove is so easy to maintain you can focus on other things, like cooking your food.  Not only does it burn sticks and twigs, but the Emberlit will also work as a windscreen for esbit tablets, trioxane fuel, alcohol stoves, storm candles, chaffing dish heaters, etc.

The real key to these stoves is how efficiently they burn.  This efficiency makes the most of your fuel and gives you are flame that is almost totally smoke free.  They are also very easy to load from the font, this allows you to use larger pieces of fuel and avoid removing your cook pot when refueling.

You Can Find them in the Gear Shop Here


One Response to Emberlit Stoves are Now in the TSP Gear Shop

  1. The stove arrived today and looks of good quality.
    Putting it together was a bit fiddly as the tolerances on some of the slots was a bit tight.
    My wife tried to put it together (NOT a practical person but she needs to be able to use it in an emergency), the first attempt ended up with the parts being put together with the ’emblem’ on the inside.
    The stove did not go together well.
    BUT when the parts were ‘reversed'(ie with the emblem on the outside), it went to gether well. Interesting that there is a ‘right and wrong’ assembly of the stove. Looking forward to using it.