Episode-113- Eleven Non Typical Crops for the Survival Garden

I decided to do a show today totally devoid of any economics, politics, etc.  We are close to Christmas and this is a good time to de-stress and just have fun with family and friends.  It is also a great time for garden planning and even a bit of winter gardening.

So today I bring you 11 crops that are either unknown, underrated or simply considered to be hard or impossible to grown in North America.  Just about all of these can be grown in most of or all of North America.  I tried to bring in a good mix of short term argriculture and long term permaculture crops.

Tune in today to learn about…

  • Amaranth the lost grain with many uses
  • Belle Isle Cress a winter green that can stand extremely cold weather but is ready to eat in 50 days from seed
  • Fennel a easy to grow herb with many uses often over looked by most gardeners
  • Purslane which comes in many cultivated varieties and thrives in heat that kills most “greens”.  Also a great source of vitamin C and Omega 3 fatty acids.
  • Red Malabar and Red Aztec Spiniches – great plants that handle the heat and don’t easily bolt in warm weather
  • Orach a wonder burgundy “green” that thrives in summer heat and adds a great flavor and texture to summer salads
  • Arugula the source of “dandelion leaves” in those spring salad mixes, a nice spice and bitter balancing green, also good sauted in pastas.  It grows so fast it is called “rocket salad” and handles cold and moderate warmth as well.
  • Kiwis are not just for New Zeland and they are not “tropical” tune in today to learn about varieties hardy down to -25 F
  • Kiwis produce about 25 lbs per vine and will produce for more then 25 years once established and can be propegated with cuttings
  • Pick Kiwis early and they store very well in the fridge or in a cold root cellar
  • The forgotten gooseberry, self fertile, hardy in zones 3-8 and can be reproduced with cuttings
  • Figs will grow in much of North America (zones 7-11)
  • Fig trees can produce for over 100 years and often two crops a year
  • Tea isn’t just for China you can grow tea in much of the south and in containers in the north

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5 Responses to Episode-113- Eleven Non Typical Crops for the Survival Garden

  1. I needed some lighter material, so thanks for creating this one. Also, your tone was getting pretty angry in a few of the past episodes, it’s good to hear you sounding upbeat again. (saving it until after Christmas, right?) I’ve got a wish-list started for some seeds you mentioned… I hope to spend some time later this week getting my order ready and my raised beds prepared. I have to find a place to plant Kiwi!

  2. Amaranth is brilliant for the smaller home gardens, with each head producing 40,000-60,000 seeds. Tastes wonderful and is extremely versatile as a food.

  3. excellent Jack , Thanks

  4. I am going to try the gooseberry, thanks

  5. Jack, man, I’m loving your show, and trying to catch up on old episodes. This one was awesome. I’m always looking for things to plant here in the Arizona desert for survival food. Just bought a 40 acre plot with well and electricity and am itching to make it start producing.

    Keep up the great work, you are one hell of an entertaining and educational fellow! You help make my 45 minute commute much less stressful.