Earthworks Course and Urban Design Course

Nick Burtner and Nick Fergeson have teamed up to set up an incredible Earthworks Course in late Oct in Saline Louisiana.  Nick Burtner has studied directly under Geoff Lawton including doing an internship at the PRI with Geoff in Australia.  Nick Fergerson is and incredible certified permaculturist with an extensive background with plant based systems.

Originally this course was 1100 dollars but to make it easier for as many as possible to attend, two things have changed…

  1. The price has been dropped to 900 dollars for all, not just for MSB Members for anyone paying in full
  2. You can now make four monthly payments of 250 dollars a month if you want to to make it easier to afford

You can listen to an entire episode on Earthworks with both Nicks at this link

You can sign up for the course at this link,

Lastly, yesterday I posted that there were 5 spots open for the Urban Permaculture Design course at my homestead for the week of 16-20th.  Well, 3 have been claimed right now I have only two open.  You can find out how to attend this workshop if you want one of the last two spots here.

One Response to Earthworks Course and Urban Design Course

  1. Can’t wait to see you guys at both events!