Episode-1928- Do People Really Want Freedom

Most People Willing Put On Their Own Chains

The word freedom has almost been risen to holy status in our society.  You see people absolutely lose their minds if someone say burns a dime store flag that they personally paid for, because, “that flag symbolizes our freedom”, etc.

Our nation is touted as “the freest nation in the world” and anyone questioning the claim is shouted down and told nonsense like, “well then move to Somalia”.  I am sorry but a person point out discrepancies and concerns about liberty is not told to just move to Somalia in a society that actually loves freedom.

In the end I don’t think the question is so easy to answer.  On the surface, sure everyone yearns to be free, but do they really and how is freedom defined by those answering the question.  We will examine this today and more.

Join Me Today to Discuss…

  • First let us acknowledge the places where we do tend to have more freedom
    • Speech
    • The Right to Bare Arms
    • Ability to Build a Business
    • To Practice or Abstain from Religion
  • Now let us define freedom
    • What is pure freedom
    • How do most people actually internally define freedom
    • Understanding the conflict
  • What real freedom means
    • You have no right to anything rightfully acquired by another person
    • No one should ever take away anything from anyone against their will
    • You are solely responsible for your own needs
    • You have no right to interfere with others actions unless they harm another
    • So do you really want freedom?
  • Proof that most people do not want freedom
    • HOAs
    • Legislation of subjective morality
    • The most tyranny happens at low levels of government
    • Massive support for compulsory education
    • Over reaction to every tragedy
    • How people act when you say, “I am not going to vote”
    • Violent defense of the system they claim to hate
    • The absolute rejection of Ron Paul
  • Final thoughts

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16 Responses to Episode-1928- Do People Really Want Freedom

  1. Schenectady= Ske Neck Ted E

    Apparently its a variation of a Mohawk word meaning “beyond the pines”.

  2. Right toward the end of today’s show, you mentioned that you would be doing a future show on essential oils.

    I was wondering if, as part of that show, you would be able to include a general discussion on the distillation of said oils (such as volumes you might get from a quantity of a certain plant material; whether you might use flowers, leaves, or a combination of both; problems you might encounter when trying to distill essential oils and the like; what sort of oils are easier to distill than others, etc.)

    Thanks in advance Jack.

    • Modern Survival

      Hey my view on distillation is, don’t bother. The volume of herb necessary to get a quarter ounce is huge.

      Here is info on peppermint

      1 x 15ml Peppermint takes 1 pound (453 gm) of peppermint plant material. There are 300 drops in a 15 ml bottle so 1 drop of peppermint oil = to 0.05 oz or 1.5 gm of peppermint plant. 1 drop of peppermint oil is = to 28 cups of peppermint tea!

  3. Jack, dog ear this episode. It will make a great rewind episode for the future; one of your best.

  4. It’s ironic that this show comes on the day that I am flying back from The Socialist Republic of Vietnam, one of the freest, most capitalistic countries I have ever visited and worked in, to the good old USA where I will spend the next month conforming to all the regulations to start a new one man show business.

    Well, at least I can shoot some birds when I get home because I have all the necessary licenses and permits.

  5. Episode-879- Julie Behling on Essential Oils for Emergency and Everyday Care

    Episode-986- Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy on the Role of a Survival Medic

    Episode-1769- Making and Using Herbal Medicines

    I believe it’s the last episode on the list where Jack goes into the most details. He’s said that the actual distilling process for the average person is too inefficient, the big companies that make the common store bought or even the direct marketing companies have to process huge amounts of the material to get the amounts they do.

    • Modern Survival

      Please note that I found out AFTER the interview that Julie Behling was part of an MLM, hid that fact from me, represented herself as a fully independent business to me and that listeners who signed up were being automatically enrolled as distributors in her downline. She was then BANNED forever from TSP. I made no big deal out of it, but that info is relevant to anyone listening.

    • Thanks DaveC. For some reason I missed that one 🙂

  6. Jack, do you have a link to the show that you mentioned at the beginning of the episode

  7. Looking forward the the essential oils show you mentioned at the end of this show. I’d also like to hear more about herbal medicines.

  8. Great episode. I particularly appreciated your observations on “what real freedom means.”
    Around here we do not have HOAs (yay; they sound awful) so my most local government is Village, and around that a rural Town. So yes, we have zoning and building codes and such, but the difference, I think, is that at this level the people (volunteers) who serve on boards know that they are dealing with neighbors. Therefore, there’s usually an effort to listen, be fair and help people to get along.

    This means recognizing exactly the points you raise. It is very interesting that our problems generally (not always) come from people who are new and think that mentioning lawyers will scare us “hicks.” Most (not all) long-time residents recognize that to be a community requires give-and-take. So I would call our Village Code Officer the Department of Trying Real Hard Not to Make You Sad.

    I think I feel freer in my local community than I do with higher levels of government. But I have to say, most all of the people I talk to at the County, State, and occasionally Federal level (was talking to people from the FCC today) are IME friendly and helpful. I think this is because the departments I have talked to generally involve people doing something in which they are really interested: agriculture, conservation, history, etc.; they like their work and aren’t burned out.

    Just as with LEOs, everyone sees stories where some government employees act like tin pot tyrants, but there are also plenty of others who earn the name “public servant.” Just an observation. I think you had a guest a while back who was in local government and talked about that.

  9. Does Tspaz work for uk listeners?

    • Modern Survival

      No sadly it doesn’t. I think we can get set up as a UK and several other nations affiliate soon though.

  10. This, I think is something I need to bookmark and listen to.