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Lifetime MSB Member Kinch Reindl reached out to me and let me know about his business  They are offering all of our TSP listeners $75 off of all of their floor plans: Stock, Semi-Custom, and Custom floor plans for the next 30 days.

Kinch initially contacted me about doing this for MSB only.  I’m wondering if barndominiums are appealing to our members so I thought we would run this as a trial first.  So let me know and we will consider adding them as a permanent discount for our members if interest is high enough.  For now though everyone can get a great discount for the next 30 days.

Barndominiums are metal homes often with attached shops and garages.  They mentioned that quite a few customers have added safe rooms and gun safe areas to their plans.  Clients choose barndominium living due to the economical construction costs and ease of maintenance. Barndos can be finished to look like a regular home, or may be finished with metal panels and roofing.

Kinch’s company is headquartered in Colorado with team members in multiple states providing guidance on the building process and recommendations for building suppliers, general contractors, and lenders. They help their clients to either hire a company for the entire build, be their own General Contractor, or construct the Barndominium themselves.

Visit to see Stock plans and mention TSP in the message field to get your $75 discount.

I’m also wondering if any of you are already living in a barndo?  Let me know if you are or if you are considering one for your future homestead in the comments below.

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  1. I would like to see it added to the MSB. I don’t have need of a floor plan right now but can see needing it in a year or two.

  2. I built my house and have been living in it for 3 years now. I wish I would have seen these plans back then.

  3. Thanks for the comments!

  4. My wife and I plan on building this style of home on our retirement property. So can’t say a MSB member I would use this discount right-way but I surly would in the future.

  5. Would love to see them be an MSB discount for future use. Thanks for the great content and MSB discounts Jack! Keep up the great work!

  6. I’d love to see them be a MSB vendor. We’re thinking about building either a full-size house or mother in law size house via something along the lines of a barndominium probably in the next 2 year’s.

    Whether they become a vendor or not I’ll keep them in mind. Thanks!

  7. I am intrigued

  8. Very helpful info! I’ve wanted to have one built on on our land for some time but have had a difficult time finding an honest contractor who didn’t want me to pay for most everything up front.

    There have been several scam artist moving around TX starting and not finishing Barndos and pole barn projects and it’s been all over the news. Folks have lost 1000s of $ and the company’s just change names and keep going.

    I can’t DIY it right now so I’m in waiting mode until I find someone with good references I can hire.

  9. There’s a Barndo in my future in the next few years!

  10. My wife and I would like to do this in the future

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