Discount Code for the Geoff Lawton PDC is in the MSB


Yes I have posted the discount code for the Geoff Lawton Permaculture Design Certification course to the MSB but NO YOU CAN’T USE IT JUST YET.  Simply because it isn’t for sale yet.

My contact for Geoff says the PDC goes on sale on at midnight March 29th, US Pacific time.

You can sign up when they launch the course at if you don’t see a sign up option well, they haven’t opened it yet.

Please do not email me and ask me for the code, please don’t expect me to post the code here, please don’t expect me to put it on the air, it is for the MSB only.  This year just like last year I gave up my referral commission on this course and instead set it up for you as a discount of 100 dollars.  This is for my MSB members only by agreement with Geoff personally.

I have promised to only post it in the MSB on the benefits page like all other benefits.  If you sign up without it, then join the MSB and then come to me and ask me to “fix it” I am going to say no.

I highly doubt any regular audience member would do this.  Last year though a few people tried this who I think found out about the discount after buying Geoff’s course.  These were people that were not TSP listeners but heard about it on a forum or something, joined for 5 bucks a month, canceled the MSB immediately, then wanted me to ask Geoff to give them a refund for the discount.

Such is not the point of the MSB discount.  It is a benefit for actual MSB Members to thank you for the support you provide to the show.  Again the code is already on your benefits page but you can’t use it until Geoff Launches his PDC.

21 Responses to Discount Code for the Geoff Lawton PDC is in the MSB

  1. Jack,

    You rock! I missed out on it last year, but I’m doing it this year. Even if I have to sell a bunch of ammo or guns to make it happen. By the way, did you get my email about the discount we’re giving to TSP listeners and MSB members? Figured you’d want to add it to the benefits section.

    Nate @ PermEscapes

    • You won’t regret it. It was a great class. Geoff is keeping it open for last years students who would like to go through it again and he’s encouraging us to stay active on the forums to help answer questions for this years class. This years class should have even more feedback than last years.

  2. Thanks so much! Can’t wait for the coarse!

  3. Thanks for doing this for us Jack! It means a lot.

  4. Thanks for the opportunity to save some cashola jack! I’m really excited to start the course and I just wanted to thank you for the incredibly inspiring work you do. It makes me work at being a better person every day.

  5. Jack I totally took advantage of this last year, and dude, thank you so much. Still so proud to have been part of the first run. Thank you brother.

  6. Gene Wiechmann

    I did receive your email stating that you had changed my email from xxx to yyy but I am still receiving your emails on the yahoo address. Just to advise no rush just wanted you to know. I do appreciate all that you do to educate us. God Bless You Jack.

    Gene W.

    • Modern Survival

      Gene, that is because I changed your MSB email for you as you asked. The daily emails are NOT connected to your MSB account as anyone can get those, not just MSB. So if you want to change that address in ever single email is a link at the bottom, it says, “Change Subscriber Options”, click it and from there it is very self explanatory.

  7. David Dakota

    Very grateful for your generosity Jack. Ditto that Flippy. I missed last year too and have been chomping at the bit to take this course.
    Much thanks to you Jack.

  8. Thanks again for giving back Jack, when you could have just made some really good money for yourself by taking the referral money!

    I would have to be a fool not to be an MSB member, there is sooo much given in return, not to mention it’s great to be part of this awesome movement of ACTION in changing for the better!

  9. Really sorry to hear you’ve had fringe “members” try to scam the system like that. What a hassle.

    Hope to make the money available to make Geoff’s and Josiah’s PDC’s happen. Exciting times for the community and Permaculture.

  10. Thank you for putting this together. I’m looking forward to signing up for this!

  11. I got clearance from the tower and scraped together the money to make it happen this year. I am so fricking excited. Thanks for the discount Jack. It really helps out a ton!!!!

  12. Hells YES…. I’m in the course!!!!!

    Thank you sooo much Jack for forgoing a financial benefit to yourself and extending it to us as a discount. That had a significant effect on my ability to financially be able to do this. I just wanted to share my appreciation of this to you. Hopefully this leads me down the path to one day be walking the talk in a way I will be able to share with you as a guest on your great show.

    Love your work mate.

  13. Invoice number 366 fifty minutes after registration began.

    Thank you jack for the discount code.

    What is a type 1 error?

  14. SerenityFarm

    I also took advantage of this and am looking forward to the course. Depending on the timeframe I am also going to take the TSP PCD course. Thanks again Jack.

  15. Just signed up – thanks for the discount, Jack. My invoice was #2946 – it’s a BIG class! 😀 Judging by what I saw and heard at Permaculture Voices, it’ll be worth every penny.

  16. Just completed the introduction module. Please tell me it gets better, because I dont feel that I’m getting my money’s worth.

    • David Dakota

      Hey John.
      This is my first attempt at a PDC and from the buzz I’ve heard from all the other people out there this will not disappoint. Plus I am certain that Jack wouldn’t put his endorsement on anything that’s bunk. Not sure how long you’ve been listening to his show but I seriously doubt he’d do that.
      I’m assuming you know who Geoff Lawton is otherwise you probably wouldn’t be dropping $900 bones on his course. I’m sure the intro vids are to get everyone on the same page so that we can spend the focus of the class on how to implement permaculture solutions.
      I’ve been looking forward to this for the past year and can’t wait to embark on this journey with Geoff and you. I know we will get out what we put in to it.

  17. Just signed up, invoice #4108.
    Grew up on a conventional farm, but permaculture has interested me for a few years now. Taking this just in time to help me while I’m selecting my own house & homestead.

  18. John Gylleck

    Jack thank you for the discount on the pdc with Geoff. I have been wanting to take a pdc but getting away for 2 weeks not happening. Not only now I get to do it its with Geoff and people from around the world.