Episode-2096- Decision Making with Logic and Reason

Here is a fact, whether you like this fact or not won’t change that it is indeed a fact.  The American people have been systematically programmed to be unable to make rational and logical decisions over many generations.

Here are the key tenets that contributed to this…

  • The State/Education System – Children are taught to learn a thing, repeat a thing and defend a thing, but never to determine a thing.  Every concept in our education system is based on a single correct answer, the student never determines anything.
  • Industry/Media – Marketing itself is telling a story and not much more.  But modern marketing has become the epitome of dichotomy.  Everything is boiled down to an A vs B choice.  This is done in direct marketing, online, in entertainment, etc.

Long time listeners should be on full patter recognition alert right now, when they see the combination of a common goal between The State and Industry, and recognize the component here of neofascism.

If you are new to TSP understand this has nothing to do with a “Neo Nazi”.   No that is old neo fascism and hence no longer neo.  You see my friends to understand a word you must define it, so what does neo mean?

  • neo – a combining form meaning “new,” “recent,” “revived,” “modified,” used in the formation of compound words.

So just gonna say WWII was ended 72 years ago, there is nothing new about the fascism of Hitler.  No today’s new fascism is right here in America.

Fascism is simply a form or government where industry and government work together and see themselves as “mediators between the classes” and feel that “the differences between the classes are to be used as an advantage” in “achieving the goals of both the state and industry”.

We won’t go deep into this concept today but in our “new fascism” we have the largest per capita prison population on the planet but no concentration camps and an oligarchy standing in for a totalitarian dictator.   Which is the true neo here, instead of the government running industry, industry runs government.

With such a system it is inevitable that all decision making will end up dumbed down to a dichotomy where the side you are not on, is, always wrong.  Such a people can’t be expected to form original opinions and frankly for those in charge such a thing is highly undesirable.

Join Me Today to Discuss…

  • How and why modern people were taught not to think
  • What is a dichotomy vs. a false dichotomy
  • Questions to ask about any problem or issue….
    • Is this really important to me, if so why
    • How did this even come to my attention
    • Can I actually take any meaningful action as to this issue, if so what
    • What is the source of my knowledge on this issue
      • What is this sources agenda
      • What is their track record
      • What do other sources say
    • Is this something I want or that I need in my life/business, etc.
    • If this has never been an issue for me before does it really matter now
    • On “problems”, “needs” and “wants”
      • What happens if we do nothing
      • Do we already have something to deal with this
      • Is it really a problem
      • Is it a need or a want, and how bad do I want it
      • How much of my bias is at play here
    • On knowledge vs. belief
      • Do I know the truth or do I believe I know the truth
      • What if anything would change my mind on this thing
      • Is this something I was trained to believe or a decision I made
    • Final thoughts

Resources for today’s show…

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10 Responses to Episode-2096- Decision Making with Logic and Reason

  1. I don’t think this problem is limited to modern man. I am even aware of research that indicates it is not limited to Earth. Leaders need to be rational, or they risk losing their role as leaders. Followers don’t need to be rational.

    Our development on earth has passed through a stage where many more wanted to participate in society on a leadership level. The ultimate of that is for each individual to take full control of his or her own life. So there has been a push for everyone to get a college education – something that in the past was considered only needed for the leadership classes.

    These aspirations of former “followers” to learn how to lead has probably been seen by the former leaders as a threat to their influence. And they’d be damn well right about that! Their “leadership” has almost ended life on Earth probably multiple times.

    But there is more to making good decisions than an ability to think rationally.

    1) You need correct information about whatever situation you are addressing.

    2) You need a framework of ethics to sort how “good” your choices are.

    3) You need to decide how much cultural traditions will be respected (morals).

    4) You need enough confidence in yourself that you have some certainty that you can make things turn out OK.

    I have learned these things from both teachers and experience. Taking responsibility for one’s own decisions is one reason some would rather someone else lead the way. The first decision is to decide to lead yourself.

    • Modern Survival

      Great comment and even better now that I added paragraph breaks for you so it can be read easily instead of looking like a jumble of text. The return key is your friend. ;>)

  2. Stephen Wilkins

    Jack, another way the elite has dumbed us down is to change our values. We no longer value the important things, and that is evident in the lack of discussion here. This was one of the most important podcasts you have put out and it looks like no one cares.

  3. I just listened to this one today(I’ve been binge listening to old gun episodes). I agree that this is an important episode.

    I am going to listen to this one a few times to digest and get my brain wrapped around it.

    When I found out that I was going to be a father, teaching my kid(s) to be independent thinkers was one of the first things I thought about teaching them.

    Thank you for this episode.

  4. Well done episode. Thank you.

  5. I agree with Stephen that this is an excellent espisode and I’m surprised by the lack of discussion by listeners. I’m 66 years old and actually felt kind of embarrassed as I listened to the podcast that these principles aren’t already part of my modus operandi. I went back through the show notes and jotted down the main points, but will probably listen to the entire episode again. As always, thanks Jack for an enlivening and informative show!

  6. Ronnie in Iowa

    I remember a LONG LONG time ago when you talked about buying a new chair. You and Dorothy looked around very carefully. You had saved up the money for a chair prior to shopping (hence, no debt) You found a chair you really liked. You did not buy it that day. You went home and discussed it and slept on it. The next day you made the decision to go get the chair. Loved that show. Stuck with me. So will this one.

  7. Is there a flow chart for the decision making process outlined? found it great but don’t want to re-listen to write it all out.

  8. I have only been listening for a couple months, but I love your podcast. I do agree that having citizens who can actively think and make rational decisions is a blow to industry and government.

    However, I would argue that few (if any) governments in any time period wanted their subjects to think rationally. Consider the stranglehold the Catholic church had on most government during the dark and middle ages, and they certainly didn’t want variety of opinion. Even early America colonial governments were harsh with those who lived or thought differently.

    Salem witch trials, native American relocation (and extermination), etc. So while this system of dumbing down is more easily administered through government schools, it’s been a common thread throughout the history of men who want power.

    I have used your line of thought a few times to walk past issues that could cause irritation or offence. One time I was walking through a mall, and a saleswoman confronted me at a small booth and said “do you ever straighten your hair?” I replied “No, I do not.” And tried to walk on. She was astonished, and said “what, never?” Nope, never. Thanks but no thanks for whatever service or product you are selling. I have decided I like my curly hair exactly as it is, and therefore they can’t sell me the million things the hair industry wants to sell me.

    Another time, my husband was describing how teenagers in the high school he works at don’t wear jackets anymore, they wrap blankets around themselves and drag them through the halls. For a tiny moment, I felt offended. How dare those kids be so disrespectful? Then I just laughed at myself and thought, what does it have to do with me?

    I decided I couldn’t care less how those kids dressed themselves or kept themselves warm. I really CAN CHOOSE whether I get my panties in a wad over how someone else dresses or tries to sell me something. I can choose to move on and have a good day. Honestly, I’d rather save those brain cells for something important.

    Keep up the good work, Jack.